Vintage Sports Report

Items that years ago were of little value are now hot collectibles. The rundown of items continues on our weekly Vintage Sports Report.

Well the baseball draft has come and gone and it looks like the Phils did a decent job of drafting young talent. Plus, the major league club seems to have turned things around well. In the minors, some of the Phils' minor league teams are taking a beating though due to injuries and a lack of power.

This week, we'll continue with Phillies issues out of the City of Brotherly Love.

First up is the 1954 Philadelphia Enquirer album of baseball stars. Each picture appeared in the Sunday sports section of the paper and is 6 ¾" x 9 ¾". Fans could cut the photos out and save them. The July 25th issue had four players with the highest valued being Richie Ashburn [$25]. The September 12th issue had four more with the highest, including Robin Roberts valued at $16.00

The 1958 Phillies picture pack features 5" x 7" pictures made by Jays Publishing. These were available at the stadium and featured 12 players with the best of the bunch being Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts at $15 each.

There are 23 Phillies team issues from 1958 thru 1960, but there may be more that have not surfaced. These were issued to players to give or send to fans with an autograph. The non-autographed card values include Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts at $12 each.

1964 Phillies player pins were sold by stadium vendors and were 2 3/16 " in diameter. There are four players listed but odds are that more than that were actually made. The four known pins are Richie Allen [$90], Jim Bunning [$90], Chris Short [$45] and Roy Sievers [$45].

A year later, the 1965 "Go Phillies, Go Phillies" pins were introduced. They are 3 1/2" in diameter and there were 12 different pins made. The common pins are currently valued at $50.00 each while the Richie Allen and Jim Bunning pins are $100 each.

We'll stop with those issues for now and continue this again next week. As you see, there were a lot of different novelties over a period of time that were sold at the stadium for a buck or two that are now valued between $50 and $100; a nice markup if you purchased them. Keep in mind that things that are given out at the stadium today, including the inserts from programs and other items will increase in value. In 10 or 20 years, there's no telling what their value will be. Look around next time you go to the stadium and go into the gift shop or to one of the vendors and remember to save a few of the program inserts. Then, just find a box put them in and forget about them for a while and you will be surprised what you have.

Until next time baseball fans, remember that if you ever have any questions feel free to e-mail them to me at Also, if you are in Florida, stop by Fleamasters and look me up.

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