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This week, the Vintage Sports Report continues our look at breat Phillies collectibles. Keep an eye out for these great items, because you never know where you'll find them.

Well, the teams in the New York – Penn League and the Gulf Coast League are put together and their seasons are under way. Both teams won their first games and had home runs in those games, so maybe it's a good omen. Now, on to this week's report.

First off, we have a very unusual item, not thought by most to be collectible, but as they say ‘who would have thunk it'. It's the 1965 Phillies tiles; the ceramic tiles feature color portraits and facsimile autographs on a white background in a 6" x 6" format. Some have a cork background, while others are a hanger version. The value for the complete set ofv12 is $600.00, with Jim Bunning valued at $125 and Richie Allen valued at $100. With the exception of Bo Belinsky, who is valued at $60, the others are all $40 items.

Then, we have the 1967 Phillies safe driving set. It's a 13 card set and the only safety set produced in the ‘60s. Other teams followed with their own versions in the ‘70s and ‘80s and are still produced today. The cards were 2 3/4" x 4 ½" and the entire set is valued at $95.00. Jim Bunning is valued at $20, Richie Allen at $18, Dick Groat, Bill White and Johnny Callison at $10. Each of the others are valued at $8.

Next, we'll look at the 1975 Phillies photocards. They came as 3 ¼" x 5 ½" blank backed cards. The list of players is incomplete, with only six cards listed. As for valued, Jim Lonborg is valued at $4.00. By the way, these are the same set that are issued at the stadium today.

In fact, stadium cards and other novelties they can all be purchased through their team websites. Everything from postcards to picture packs are offered. Some teams offer more items than others and some teams also discount older items to make room in their inventory for new items that are coming in. So, if your looking for a team set just visit their website.

This completes my Phillies issue. Later, I'll go back and highlight some other issues from the ‘50s to the present. This week, I'm auctioning off wax boxes on eBay, along with a set of 1970 Topps Supers. You can visit my eBay site at rrvintagesports.

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