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This week, we've dug up some particularly rare issues to take a look at. Hope you have deep pockets for some of these, because once you find them, the price is pretty high.

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This week we will start by going over the 1972 Ticketron Phillies. The Phillies main off site ticket outlet produced this set of cards. The fronts are horizontal and the cards measure 6" X 3 7/8" with a color player photo at the center. The full set consists of ten cards. Since Tim McCarver was traded midway through the season, his card is much scarcer and is valued a little higher than the rest, going for $35. Steve Carlton's card is valued at $15 and Greg Luzinski at $10, while the rest go for about $8 each.

1952 Tip Top Bread Labels. It is a set of 48 different labels with the players photo, name and team inside a star with the words "Tip Top" printed above. It measures 2 ½" X 2 ¾". The Phillies in the set are Granny Hamner ($400), Dutch Leonard ($400), Robin Roberts ($550) and Earl Torgelson ($400).

Here is a set you don't see too often; the 1951 Topps Connie Mack All-Stars. It is a set of die-cut 2 1/16" X 5 ¼" of 11 Hall of Famers. The cards feature a black and white action player photograph printed on a red background with a color name plaque underneath. The Connie Mack All-Stars are scarce today and despite being expensive maintain a certain popularity as one of Topps first issues. The two Phillies in the set are Grover Cleveland Alexander ($900) and Connie Mack ($600). The Babe Ruth is valued $5,500.

That same year, Topps issued their 1951 Topps Major League All-Stars set. There are 11 die-cut cards the same size and color as the Connie Mack All-Stars. These are even more rare than the Connie Mack Cards. Again, there are two Phillies in the set, Robin Roberts ($35,000) and Jim Konstanty ($30,000).

Also for 1951, Topps made a set of team cards. It's a nine card set measuring 5 ¼" X 2 1/16". They have a black and white picture of the major league team. There were two variations of each card. One dated and one not dated. The undated cards are more rare than the dated cards. The Phillies dated card is $225, the undated is $400.

Another rare issue is the 1968 Topps Discs. These full color cardboard discs, which measure 2 ¼" in diameter were to be made into a pin set, which was never produced. It was a set that was never to leave the factory, but somehow, they became public. The one Phillie in the set is Richie Allen at $140.

That will be all for this week. As always, any questions about this week's products or for any questions in general about any card set, please e-mail me at Have a great week and look for me again next week.

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