Will They Stay Or Will They Go?

The trade winds are barely blowing around Major League Baseball as teams like the Phillies take the final opportunities to decide if they're buyers or sellers. Even so, there are some Phillies who may want to keep their cell phones handy as trade time approaches.

Not going anywhere: None of these players are touchable. Possibly if the Boston Red Sox were to offer their entire 25 man roster for one or two of these guys, a deal might get done, but it's simply not going to happen.

Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Brett Myers.

Probably not going anywhere: These guys won't come easily (or cheaply) for another team, but there is always the chance that someone could be willing to overpay to get them.

Shane Victorino, Jamie Moyer.

Victorino has developed into a solid everyday player and has also become a fan favorite. He fits in nicely with what the Phillies are trying to do and the odds of him heading anywhere aren't very good since the Phillies hold him in pretty high regard. Moyer is like having a second pitching coach. He's got one more season left on his contract and the Phillies want to have him around to help the Kyle Kendricks, J.A. Happs and J.D. Durbins of the world.

Keep a bag packed, but you probably won't need it: The Phillies have a few players that likely won't be heading out, but it's possible that they could be thrown into some deal to make it work.

Carlos Ruiz, Rod Barajas, Wes Helms, Greg Dobbs, Abraham Nunez, Antonio Alfonseca, Jose Mesa, J.C. Romero, Ryan Madson.

Some teams are looking for catching and Jason Kendall and Jose Molina have already been dealt. The fact that the Phillies weren't involved in any of those deals seems to point to them keeping both Barajas and Ruiz. Otherwise, the Phillies might have been part of one of those deals and they weren't anywhere near involved. Helms and Dobbs don't give a great third base platoon, but they're all the Phillies have. You could deal one of them, but that would take away some of their effectiveness. Nunez is a nice player and could interest a team looking for infield help. It would be surprising if the Phillies aren't at least asked about what it would take to get Nunez, which likely wouldn't be too much.

As for the pitchers, if the Phillies are going to contend at all, they'll need help from the likes of Alfonseca, Mesa, Romero and Madson. Still, if they give up on making the playoffs, they might be able to get something for them since a lot of contenders are desperate for relief help. Madson is the only one likely to bring anything respectable back in exchange.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. There are other players who have been talked about and could find themselves waking up as a "former Phillie" on August 1st.

Pat Burrell: The rumors have been flying for over a year and they aren't likely to die down. The Phillies would love to find more of that "financial flexibility" that Pat Gillick loves and sending Burrell elsewhere would achieve just that. The problem is his low production, high contract and that nagging no-trade clause.

With Burrell picking up the pace lately and the Phillies willing to take very little in exchange, it's not impossible that they could find a trading partner. It would have to be a place that Burrell would agree to go - the Angels and Dodgers come to mind - so they could get past his no-trade clause.

Aaron Rowand: The Phillies have made no attempt to re-sign Rowand, so odds are he'll hit the free agent market and it will be tough for the Phillies to sign him once that happens. Here's the thing; if they could pull something together to deal Burrell, some of the savings would go toward Rowand. Since that doesn't seem likely, Rowand will exit one way or another.

The second part of the equation is whether the Phillies are buyers or sellers. If Gillick decides it's time to flip the calendar to 2008, Rowand will likely be sent elsewhere. If he's still taking a shot at this season, the Phillies will have to hang onto Rowand for the rest of the season.

Michael Bourn: Everybody has him taking over in center field next season with Rowand gone. But do the Phillies want Bourn and Shane Victorino to make up two-thirds of their outfield? Not that either is a bad player, but they don't give a whole lot of power. It's more likely that the Phillies would look at possibly moving Victorino to center and finding another bat for right field. If Gillick decides to go for it this year, Bourn is an attractive piece of meat to wave in front of potential trade partners.

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