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After a week on the DL, our vintage collectibles expert is back with a look at a card set of huge proportions.

Hi to everyone. I'm back this week after taking a week off to recuperate from ankle surgery. This week we will only be doing one issue, but it's a goodie; The N172 1887-1890, Old Judge.

This is one of the most fascinating and largest sets ever created, and is actually still incomplete. Cards were issued by Goodwin and Company Tobacco Firm in their Old Judge and to a lesser extent, Gypsy Queen cigarettes. Players from more than 40 major and minor league teams are pictured on cards 1 7/16" x 2 ½", but also come in various sizes. With 500 different players known to exist, there are up to 20 variations that have been found. Cards were issued both with and without dates, numbered and un-numbered, and with both script and machine printed identification. Known variations of cards puts the total number of cards at 3,500 and counting for the set.

The Phillies in the set are numerous and of course, have multiple variations for each player. One of the most expensive of the Phillies in the set is Ed Delahanty, whose card is valued at $18,500. Other Phillies values include Bob Allen ($600), Ed Andrews ($600), Charlie Bastian ($600), Charlie Buffinton ($600), Dan Casey ($600), Cupid Childs ($1,000), Jack Clements ($600), Edward Dailey ($600), Harry Decker ($650), Sid Farrar ($600), Charlie Ferguson ($600), Jim Fogarty ($600), Gid Gardner ($600), Kid Gleason ($600), Tom Gunning ($600), Bill Hallman ($750), John Henry ($600), Arthur Irwin ($775, although the version with his cap off is valued at $2,000), Deacon McGuire ($650), Joe Mulvey ($600), Al Meyers ($600), Ben Sanders ($600), Pop Schriver ($1,000), Jim Tyng ($600), George Wood ($600) and Pete Wood ($775). The Phillies Hall of Famers in the set include Delahanty, Billy Hamilton ($2,400), Tommy McCarthy ($3,500), Sam Thompson ($2,200) and Harry Wright ($15,000).

Next week we'll do cabinet cards.

Until then, stay cool, stay dry and stay healthy. Remember, that you can email me with suggestions or comments at

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