Savery Believes In Setting High Goals

Joe Savery figures on getting a quick tour of the minors before making a Major League debut. He's set high goals for himself and doesn't see any reason why he wouldn't succeed.

Joe Savery has a great deal of confidence, but doesn't use it in an arrogant way. He's quick to give credit to other players and coaches who have helped him along the way. He's also quick to accept responsibility when things don't quite go his way. "That's the way my parents raised me," said Savery of his attitude and willingness to be accountable for himself. "You've got to be willing to look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and ask if you gave everything you have."

In Savery's eyes, he's been given the opportunity of a lifetime and believes that he's going to be able to make the most of it.

In his debut, Savery had many of the Phillies brass in attendance at Williamsport and did all that was expected of him, going three innings and somewhat breezing through the outing. His second start didn't go as smoothly as Oneonta touched him up for three earned runs over 2.2 innings of work. The fact that Savery will need solid control to succeed was evident as he walked two hitters and was just never able to get himself on track all night.

While Savery believes he'll move quickly, don't be surprised if things go a little slower than the young left-hander believes they will. After all, this is a guy who underwent shoulder surgery to remove a bone spur from under the labrum in his left shoulder and will need a little bit of watching at least in the early going. The Phillies are generally cautious about young pitchers, so it's likely that Savery will have to wait to pull onto the fast track, but by this point next season, there's no telling how high he will have advanced.

"I was a two-way guy in college and now, I'm getting to focus on pitching," believes Savery, who is intrigued by the fact that the Phillies have sent a couple of pitchers directly from Double-A Reading to the majors this season. "They're doing the right things with their players and they're going to be prepared to play Major League Baseball." Savery would have liked to draw some attention for his hitting, but it was always overshadowed by his pitching and the fact that he's a left-hander sort of sealed his fate as far as scouts are concerned.

One thing is for sure, Savery already has an admirer in the organization. Reading outfielder Greg Golson played with Savery in high school showcases and remembers him well. "He was the only guy - as a high school junior - to hit a ball out of Minute Maid Park," remembers Golson of a showcase that the two played in at the Astros home park. "I didn't even know he could pitch," admitted Golson. "If he's a better pitcher than he was a hitter, he's going to be nasty."

For now, Savery is just working on doing what he can to succeed and will do whatever it takes for him to reach his lofty goals.

Audio Extra: Hear Joe Savery talk about turning pro and what he thinks it will take to succeed. The audio is from an interview with Savery on Philly Baseball News Radio, heard on AM 1230 and 1320 in Easton, PA every Saturday morning at nine. The interview aired the day before Savery made his professional debut with the Williamsport CrossCutters.

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