Vintage Sports Report

From the hurricane-dodging land of Florida, it's time to look for some more vintage collectables for your collection on the weekly Vintage Sports Report.

Hi everyone. Down here in Florida, we're breathing a little sigh of relief since it looks like we won't be getting hit with our first hurricane of the season for at least a little while. Just like up north before a big blizzard, people down here rush to get bread, milk and eggs. Some things never change.

This week, we'll be going over the 1888-1889 Old Judge Cabinets (N73).

These cabinet cards were issued by Goodwin & Company as a premium available by exchanging coupons found in Old Judge or Dogs Head brand cigarettes. The cabinet cards consist of 3 ¾" x 5 ¾" photographic affixed cardboard backing that measures approximately 4 ¼" x 6 ½". But backings have also been found in red, blue, & black.

Dogs Head are much scarcer than Old Judge.

The Phillies are as follows: Ed Andrews (valued at $1,750), Charlie Bastian ($2,500), Charlie Buffington ($1,750, with the Dogs Head backing $6,000), Dan Casey ($1,750), Cupid Childs ($1,750), Jack Clements ($1,750), Harry Decker ($1,750), Ed Delahanty ($15,000), Cid Farrar ($1,750), Charlie Ferguson ($1,750), Jim Fogarty ($1,750), Kid Gardner ($1,750), Kid Gleason ($2,250), Tom Gunning ($1,750), Bill Hallman ($1,750), John Henry ($1,750), Buster Hoover ($1,750), Arthur Irwin ($1,750), Charlie Kelly ($1,750), Deacon McGuire ($1,750), Joe Mulvey ($1,750), Ben Sanders ($1,750), Pop Shriver ($2,500), Sam Thompson ($6,500), Jim Tyng ($1,750), George Wood ($1,750), Pete Wood ($1,750) and Harry Wright ($20,000).

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