Vintage Sports Report

This week, our Vintage Sports Report goes back to just after the turn of the century to take a look at two sets of cards.

Hello from hot and sunny Florida. This week we will talking about an item that we just purchased, from the 1909-1913 Sporting News Supplements (M101-2).

Among the finest, large format baseball collectibles published in the early part of the 20th century was the 100 piece series. Initially issued in a size of about 7 ½" x 10" by late 1909. Late in the series the size was 8 1.2" x 10", with the team photos being 16" x 10". The series started with the insertion of a supplement in the July 22, 1909 issue of Sporting News. There were several gaps over the course of the next several years, with the final piece being issued December, 1913.

The Phillies involved in the series included Sherry Magee (valued at $80), Eddie Collins (valued at $550), Connie Mack (valued at $400), Harry Davis (valued at $80), Grover Cleveland Alexander (valued at $350) and Hans Lobert (valued at $80).

Next up is the 1899-1900 Sporting News Supplements (M101-1). These are the same as the last series but with the following exceptions. The size is 10" x 13" and they were not actual photos but drawings of the players. The pictures were produced by the National Copper Plate Company. You could buy a package of 50 for $2, which was a good sum since the set of 62 cards is now worth $60,000.

The Phillies included in the set are Ed Delahanty ($750), Lave Cross ($750), George Waddell ($1,250), Billy Hamilton ($750) and Mike Donlin ($750).

That is all for this week, any questions about these issues or ideas for future articles can be e-mailed to me at Everyone have a nice holiday and we'll be back next week.

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