Berry Gets PBN, Phillies Post-Season Honors

Quintin Berry did more than enough this season to make lots of people notice. Lakewood fans quickly became enamored with Berry's ability and he figures to move up the ladder at a decent rate.

Coming into this season, all Quintin Berry had going for him was that ever-present potential, which means nothing until it actually starts to show itself on the field. In his first pro season with the Phillies in 2006, Berry played at Batavia and didn't find instant success. "I had to deal with a bit of failure, but I made it through," Berry told Philly Baseball News earlier this season.

Hitting in the mid-.240 six weeks into the season, Berry was still just a bundle of potential. Then, as if a switch had been thrown, it all seemed to come together and that potential was on display for Lakewood fans to see. In two weeks, Berry had raised his average nearly 30 points and was able to use his speed on the bases to cause problems for opponents. As the hits continued to fall, Berry came into the July 4th holiday hitting .300 after hitting .320 over June and July.

When all was said and done, Berry finished the year with a .312 average and 55 stolen bases, both good enough to lead all Phillies minor league players.

If there was a switch that was thrown, it may have been done when Berry simply remembered what his college coach at San Diego State had told him. After all, the guy is a Hall of Famer and if you want to learn how to play the game of baseball, Tony Gwynn is a good guy to learn it from. Instead of trying to make too much happen on every play, Berry started to "let the game come to him," as Gwynn had suggested. Berry's approach to hitting became very simple; very Gwynn-esque: "I just try to have an area to look for and if they stay in that area, I just go ahead and try to hit it," explained Berry.

Berry also prides himself on playing strong defensively in the outfield and made just three errors all season, which is especially impressive considering he moved from center to left field this season. It was a move that Berry picked up and made the most of, but with his speed and defensive abilities, moving back to center is likely in his future at some point.

The Phillies have also honored Berry, giving him the Paul Owens Award as the organization's top minor league player.

Quintin Berry career stats

'06 Batavia 0 13 .219 62 210 34 46 2 2 25 51 19 .314
'07 Lakewood 3 44 .312 126 487 86 152 19 4 61 85 55 .395
TOTALS 3 57 .284 188 697 120 198 21 6 86 136 74 .371

Listen to an interview with Quintin Berry conducted on July 7, 2007.

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