Vintage Sports Report

After a week off, our Vintage Sports Report continues with a look at some classics from the 1920s.

Hi everyone. Sorry we missed last week, the bug was going around and we took a few days to rest up.

We will be starting a multiple series covering exhibits starting with 1921.

The Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago issued the first in a long series of post card sized 3 3/8" x 5 3/8" baseball cards starting in 1921. The exhibit cards were commonly sold in penny arcade vending machines. The 1921 series consists of 64 cards and includes four players from each team. The Phillies in the set were Greasy Neale (valued at $125), Goldie Rapp ($75), Jimmy Ring ($75) and Cy Williams ($75).

1922 exhibits used the same format with 128 players. Phillies included were Art Fletcher, Wilbur Hubbell, Lee Meadows, Jimmy Smith and Curt Walker, all valued at $85.

The exhibit cards for 1923 and 1924 are usually collected as a single series of 128 cards with the same format. The Phillies are Walter Holke, J.H. Sand, James Teirney and Russell Wrightstone and all are valued at $225.

The 1925 series contained 128 un-numbered cards and included Lou Gehrig's first baseball card which is valued at $12,000. All the Phillies in the set were valued at $125 and include Art Decatur, George Harper, Nelson Hawks, Walter Henline, Walter Holke, Wilbur Hubbell, George O'Neil, John Sand, and Fred Cy Williams.

That's it for this week, we will continue the exhibit series next week. As always, if you have any questions about these sets or and suggestions for future sets please contact us at

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