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This week, we continue our look back at popular items from the 1920s, including a rundown of the Phillies who were included.

Hello again, time to continue our series on exhibits.

This week we will start with 1925 champion exhibits. It's a 32 card multi-sport world's champions issue. There was only one baseball player in the set, Babe Ruth, which is valued at $2,250.

Next, the 1926 exhibits were the same size as the other years, the difference was the blue grey color. All the Phillies listed will be at $125 except for Dave Bancroft, who is valued at $200. The other Phillies are George Burns, Walter Henline, Bob Meusel, Jimmy Ring, and John Sand. 1926-1929 post card back exhibits. These were issued in the Philadelphia area and can be found with plain backs or with post card backs, including the legend "This for correspondence". Cards can be found printed in several different colors. The Phillies included Chuck Klein ($250), Lefty O'Doul ($150), Jimmy Ring, Cy Williams and Jimmy Wilson, all valued at $90.

1926-1931 post card back four-on-one exhibits. These were made by the original Chicago Company. There were only four of them in this set and the only Philly has Lefty O'Doul, Dazzy Vance, Hughey Critz, and Art Shiries and is valued at $650. The highest value is Ty Cobb at $3,000.

1927 exhibits, is a 64 card set made by the Chicago company and the Phillies in this set are Grover Cleveland Alexander ($250), Dave Bancroft ($150) and Walter Henline ($75).

1928 exhibits, a 64 card set, these differ because they have a blue tint to them. The Phillies: Grover Cleveland Alexander ($400), Dave Bancroft ($200), Jimmy Ring ($80) and Cy Williams ($80).

That will be it for today, Just one more thing; GO PHILLIES!!!!! Any questions please contact me at

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