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This week continues our series on exhibit cards from almost 80 years ago on the Vintage Sports Report.

Well, better luck next year for the Phillies.

This week, we're continuing our series on the exhibit cards, starting with 1929-1930 four-on-one exhibits. Although the size of the card remained the same, the Chicago Company started putting four player pictures on one card, starting in 1929, a practice that would continue for the next decade. The Phillies: Grover Cleveland Alexander, $250, Cy Williams, $65, Lefty O'Doul $65, Fresco Thompson $65.

1929 Exhibit Star Picture Stamps are a series of movie star picture stamps produced by the same Chicago Company. There was one exhibit stamp with an actor by the name of Babe Ruth. He was in a movie called "The Babe Comes Home" in 1927 and the block of eight stamps is valued at $750.

Then, there's the 1931-1932 four-on-one exhibits. These differ by having a coupon back. Phillies in the set: Chuck Klein $150, Donald Hurst $90, Lefty O'Doul $150.

The 1931-1932 Babe Ruth Exhibit was a 32 card movie stars series. This is the rarest of the Babe Ruth exhibits and features Babe Ruth in a suit and tie. It's valued at $900.

The 1933 four-on-one exhibits feature Chuck Klein valued at $150.

The 1934 four-on-one exhibits are a little different, because they're printed on a white card stock. Jimmy Wilson $75 and Chuck Klein $125 are the Phillies in the 1934 version.

The 1935 four-on-one exhibits were printed in a slate blue color and feature Jimmy Wilson $75 and Chuck Klein $125 as the Phillies in the set.

1936 four-on-one exhibits were either green or slate blue in color and featured Phillies Pinky Whitney $80 and Jimmy Wilson $80.

In 1937, the cards were printed in either green or bright blue and Pinky Whitney was the only Phillie in the set and is valued at $60.

That will be all for this week. Everyone have a great week and come back to check out the rest of the exhibits in next week's edition. Any questions please contact me at

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