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This week, our series on Exhibit Cards continues with a look at some Phillies and other interesting cards in sets from the past.

Hi everyone. We'll be continuing our series on Exhibit cards today starting with 1938 four-on-one exhibits.

These cards have brown printing on white stock. The Phillies are all on one card and they are Morris Amovich, Chuck Klein, Bucky Walters and Pinkey Whitney. The card is valued at $125.

1939-1946 featured the salutation exhibits. They were called that because of the personalized greeting found on each card. The Philles among this group are Chuck Klein ($165) and Buckey Walters ($15).

1947-1966: Phillies are Richie Ashburn ($12), Johnny Callison ($12.50), Bubba Church ($10), Del Ennis ($15), Dick Farrell ($9), Tony Gonzalez ($9), Jim Konstanty ($10), Art Mahaffey ($10), Robin Roberts (script signature at $14.50, and the plain signature is valued at $25), Andy Seminick ($9), Curt Simmons ($10), Eddie Wakus ($15), Harry Walker ($40), Bucky Walters ($20), Gus Zernial (script at $9, plain at $12) and there's also a 1950 Phillies Team card valued at $40.

1948 Baseball's Great Hall of Fame Baseball Exhibits have a grey stock. 24 cards of the set were reprinted in 1974 with a white stock. The Phillies include: Grover Cleveland Alexander ($15), Connie Mack ($7.50) and Rube Waddell ($7.50).

The first 32 cards of the 1953 Canadian Exhibits were printed on grey stock, while cards numbered 33 to 64 were blue or reddish brown. The only Phillie in the set was Del Ennis and his card is valued at $9.

Then, there's the 1955 post card backed exhibits. These were produced in a very limited edition and featured Richie Ashburn ($45), Del Ennis ($25) and Robin Roberts ($45).

There was a 1961 Exhibits Wrigley Field, which was a special set devoted, of course, to the Chicago Cubs and the set featured 24 cards.

The 1962 Pittsburgh Exhibits came from Kennywood amusement park near Pittsburgh. Who made them is not known. The set consisted of baseball players, TV and movie cowboys, rock and roll stars, boxers, wrestlers and cartoon characters. Each card was given out when a lucky kid got a winning gum ball. It was an 81 card set and from all of my searching, I haven't been able to uncover any Phillies that were manufactured as part of the collection. The highest valued card is Mickey Mantle at $175. Babe Ruth and Roberto Clemente each book at $125.

We should be able to finish up our series on exhibit cards next week. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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