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This week's edition of the Vintage Sports Report wraps up our look at Exhibit cards of the past. We've also got a caution on how easy it is to be duped into buying bogus cards.

How is everyone this fine day? The World Series is over and free agency is about to begin, so who knows what will happen. In a perfect world my wish list would be for the Phils to sign Mariano Rivera as their new closer, Mike Lowell as their new third baseman, on a 2 yr contract, and Curt Schilling to round out the starting pitching. With those three, bring on the Mets or any other team.

Now, it's time to finish up our series on Exhibit cards.

We'll start with the 1962 and 1963 Stat back exhibits, which are basically the same cards just with a different year. The only Phillie in the 1962 set is Art Mahaffey (valued at $6.00). The 1963 Stat back Johnny Callison is valued at $7.50, Turk Farrell ($7.50), Tony Gonzalez and Mahaffey, which also book at $7.50.

The 1974 Baseballs Great Hall of Fame Exhibits, done by the same Chicago supply company, feature just one Phillie, Grover Cleveland Alexander, which is valued at $4.00. The 1977 Hall of Fame Exhibits feature Robin Roberts, valued at $2.00.

The 1980 exhibits are blank backed cards and Richie Ashburn is the lone Phillie in that set and his card is valued at $2.00. The second printing had Grover Cleveland Alexander, which is valued at $2.00 as well.

This was the last of the official exhibit sets, and as you can see, the popularity really died in the 1980's. In 1990 though, a company produced a set of reprint exhibits. These were not authorized and have no real value and no Phillies were made in the set. You do need to be aware of these though, because they are made to look exactly like the 40's and 50's exhibits and it's easy to be fooled into thinking that they're the real thing. It's buyer beware on these.

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