Rollins Gives Phils Back-To-Back MVPs

Jimmy Rollins prevailed in a close voting for the National League MVP race, giving the Phillies back-to-back honors for the award. In all, the Phillies had three players in the top eight spots.

Jimmy Rollins picked up 16 of 32 first place votes in the balloting for National League MVP on Tuesday, winning the honor by a close margin over Matt Holliday of the Colorado Rockies. The 17 point margin was the ninth closest voting since the current system was introduced in 1938. Holliday picked up 11 first place votes and Milwaukee's Prince Fielder picked up the remaining five first place votes.

The members of the Baseball Writers Association of America, who were involved in the voting, also recognized Ryan Howard, the defending MVP with a fifth place finish in the balloting. Howard didn't collect any first or second place votes, put finished with a total of 112 points. Chase Utley was eighth in the balloting, giving the Phillies three players in the top eight, while no other team had more than one in that group. Aaron Rowand picked up three points, putting him in a tie for 22nd in the voting. The Mets David Wright finished fourth.

Rollins admitted to having some nerves as he waited for the call to confirm his win. "When the call finally came, it was a great thing. I was thinking not to think about it, but you can't help but think about it in a situation like this," said Rollins. One of his first calls was to Holliday, to congratulate him on having a great season.

It's the first time since 2000 and 2001 that a team has had back-to-back MVP winners. Back then, it was Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds of the Giants picking up the honors.

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