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This week, our series on Wheaties cards continues in the Vintage Sports Report. While there weren't many Phillies included, Wheaties cards were a popular set in their day.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday. This week we will continue the Wheaties series.

1936 Wheaties. This set was 6" x 6 ¼" with frame. They were known as Fancy Frame and included the player's name and data on the card. The only Phillie in the set is Jimmy Wilson and his card is valued at $45. There's another 1936 series known as the orange border/figures in border set. They measure 8 ½" x 6" and the only Phillie is Curt Davis, whose card is also valued at $45. Also issued in 1936 was the "how to play winning baseball" series. These cards are 8 ½" x 6 ½", but there were no Phillies in this series.

The 1937 Wheaties series six was referred to as "how to star in baseball", but it didn't include any Phillies. The 1937 Wheaties series seven cards measured 6" x 8 ¼" and also lacked any Phillies cards in the set, as did the series eight and series nine Wheaties cards for 1937. A Phillie did show up in the series 14 set, when Dolph Camilli's card was included and is valued at $200 today.

The 1938 Wheaties series 10 cards were known as "the biggest thrills in baseball" and measured 6" x 8 ½". The only Phillie in the set was Pinkey Whitney and his card is valued at $45. The series 11 set was known as "dress clothes", but didn't include any Phillies.

In 1939, Wheaties offered the series 12 set known as "personal pointers" and the series 13 set saluting "100 years of baseball".

In 1940, the Wheaties Champs of the USA set was issued, measuring 6" x 8 ¼". Panel number four featured Morris Amovich of the Phillies, Captain Baker of the Eagles and Dutch Clark, also of the Eagles.

That will be all for today, we will pick up next week with 1941 Wheaties.

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