The RRSports Collectables Report

There are a lot of new products coming out that can sometimes be a little pricy, but also bring great collectables. Take a look at some of the new stuff and where to find the best values.

I hope everyone got what they wanted for the holidays. I got lots of customers and was very busy with wax products and memorabilia. I also ran into a collection that will take me about four months to fully go through and separate, it's that extensive.

I am back with a few new ideas this year. Since I own a store and get the newest wax products, I get to see and test some of the best products out on the market today and I can tell you if it's a winner or not. I get all the major brands, plus some of the minor ones that you may not know, but should be getting to know. What I am getting at is I will give you a preview of a few products each week, and let you know if it's a winner or loser. Box prices are usually different around the country and pack prices are a little different, too. The prices I give you are what I sell them at in my store.

This week, I will highlight both baseball and football products and one other issue, which is an interesting collection called Donruss Americana. It's a bit on the pricy side at $160 a box and $40 a pack, but the product is a sure winner. It has all of your stars of cinema and television along with major sports. From costume pieces to autographs, you will get an entertainment piece or autograph in each pack, with a chance at Jackie Robinson cuts or items from Marilyn Monroe, Burt Reynolds and others. I pulled a really nice Mickey Rooney piece out. If you find this product it is definitely worth getting.

Onto baseball products. I have to mention Bowman Draft Picks, which is a great product and great selection, and at just $3.00 a pack, you can't go wrong. I pulled autographs of all the Phils rookies in the set, except Joe Savery. I also pulled a refractor card of Adrian Cardenas, a patch of Jacob Ellsbury, and a black one-of-one of Joba Chamberlain. Open a few boxes of this and it's a product that will keep on giving for years to come.

There were two products that came out in December that you may have missed and both are big winners. Just Minors, Mystery Balls and Mystery Bats. Mystery Balls cost $50 a box and Mystery Bats come in at $80 a box. The Mystery Ball contains a complete set of this years top draft picks, plus an autograph. I pulled a dual autograph of David Price and Blake Beaven, and a ball autographed by Kyle Drabek. The next product is Mystery Bats. I opened two from the case and got a full length bat signed by Kendrie Morales and Kyle Drabek. One of my customers got bats from Andrew McClutchen, Cameron Maybin and Brandan Jones from the Braves. Both of these were in short supply, especially the bats. If you see them, pick them up, because there is also a chance for a Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams or Joe DiMaggio bat.

As for football products, there were two especially good ones that came out lately. Leaf rookies and stars longevity, and Tri Star Sigma Cuts. Longevity is an inexpensive product at $50 a box, with a chance to hit a hot box. In regular boxes you get three rookies, a game piece and a rookie autograph. I opened two boxes. The second box was a hot box that gave me five rookies, nine game pieces and two autographs. One of my customers also hit a hot box, and was overjoyed.

The other product is Sigma Cuts by Tri Star. It's a limited production and is a great product. You get an autograph in each pack, but they sell for $35 a pack. We opened a box and pulled Y.A. Tittle, John Capaletti and two other nice finds. While this is a pricy product, it is also a quality product and provides buyers with a chance to get a Jim Thorpe.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions and give me your thoughts on the new format. You can always e-mail me at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM.

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