The RRSports Collectibles Report

Like most other things in life, the collectibles market has cycles. Right now, we're in a down cycle, but things are set to pick up and the market will be much hotter very soon.

This is the time of year when there is a lull in the trading cards, as the business is in between sports, so to speak. Baseball has not really kicked in and football is winding down, while hockey and basketball are putting limited products out.

I have one football product to mention; Playoff Contenders. Its $6.00 a pack and is definitely a hit and miss product. If you get the right pack you will get a hit, but there are also really bad packs in the bunch, too. My recommendation is if you buy the product to get two boxes. One will be very good and the other will not, but will at least help you with set building. There are an average of four autographs per box, which is a good thing, but who they are is a different story. Some yield you virtually nothing, but if you get a legendary autograph, you hit it pretty big.

The second product I have for you this week is a heads up. Donruss Americana is sold out, and was such a big hit, there will be a follow-up product coming in April, called Donruss Americana Cuts. No official checklist or prices have been put out, but it should be around the same price as the first. The big difference will be the product itself. The original Americana had all types of celebrities, but this version will only feature celebrities who have passed away. This product will sell out quickly. If you are an autograph collector or a stage or screen fan, then I would contact whomever you buy from and let them know you want a box or two. Get this before someone else does.

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