RRSports Collectibles Report

With no new baseball or football products, our attention turns to other sports for new items on the collectibles market this week.

Hello everyone, are you all ready for baseball? I know I'm ready for the Super Bowl to be over and spring training to begin.

We had a few items come in this week, but there was no baseball or football. So I will highlight what I did get in.

The 2007-2008 Topps Chrome Basketball, which I can tell you, is a winner came in this week. Some very nice autographs, and rookies are plentiful and selling briskly. The insert set of Bill Russell will set you back a few boxes but it's a very nice set. Also, the 57/58 variation set is interesting to say the least, and has top stars and the best rookies in the set. Box prices are going for $70.00 and packs for $3.00.

Heroes Series 1, is a non-sport product based on the popular television show, and is as hot of a product can get and has officially sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. This has been a product which has been delayed coming out a number of times due to the autographs. You get sketch pieces, autographs and clothing pieces in the boxes, which go for $50.00 a box. At this price. pick up a few, put the set together and enjoy the show which is returning at the end of the month. My wife and I both watch and it's a very good show that keeps you guessing.

Last on my list is the Daytona racing set and Wheels racing. the Daytona set goes for $19.00 and includes a contest and a history of Daytona 500 raceway and its drivers in a card set.

Wheels is the second racing product put out this year gearing up for the season to start. It goes for $75 a box and $4.00 a pack and gives you autographs and gear pieces for your favorite drivers. This is an average press pass item and a hit and miss item. You will get a set, but depending on your pull of the driver you get will make the value of the box.

One item I want to mention which will be a winner; Upper Deck pre-draft football. I looked over the checklist and every top player in college football eligible for the draft and also the junior qualifiers that will be in the draft are in this set. There are limited autographs and college game gear, so jump on this one early. This will last through the football year.

I want to mention that I have a few nice items on eBay. If you have not seen the Joba Chamberlain reverse negative, you can view it on RSVINTAGESPORTS on eBay. I also have a black printers plate of Joba Chamberlain, a Greg Odum auto refractor and an autographed plate of Steve Breaston among other items.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at rrsports1@yahoo.com.

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