RRSports Collectibles Report

Baseball products are starting to roll off the presses and this week, the Collectibles Report takes a look at two new issues.

Hello from Florida, where it's 80 degrees and the place is filling up with ballplayers from around the country. Had a chance to see Jon Lester and he is looking really good. He appears ready for a breakout year; he's gained weight and is working out daily here along with other Red Sox. On the twins side, they are ready to go; Joe Mauer and Johan Santana, along with a few others have been here for about three weeks. Santana said he was disappointed in going to the Mets, because he was hoping to stay in the American League, where he knew the hitters.

I have two products for you this week. First up is the 2008 Topps Baseball. It's a good product with a fresh checklist and it sells for $70 a box. Pick up a few of these and look for signatures of the presidential candidates. Plus, there are mini jersey cards that are really sharp, a Mickey Mantle relic and autograph, all rookie team relics and autographs, parallel cards are gold, black, platinum and gold foil. along with printing plates.

The second product I have – the Upper Deck issue - is not as good, and I would be skeptical about it. First, the checklist has not been changed and they are using the same players on last years teams, unless it's different than what was put out. It seems to be exactly the same as last year's issue. At the price of $70 - $80 a box, and without fresh ideas for the inserts, I would say get your Topps first, then if you have money in your budget get Upper Deck, but I give two thumbs down on the product.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM.

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