Another Benefit For Premium Users

Premium users have many benefits on Philly Baseball News and now, there's another one. Premium users can get answers to their questions about players who could become Phillies in this June's draft.

So, you want to know about some of the players who could be picks in this June's draft? Philly Baseball News is going to give you the chance to quiz Draft Expert Frankie Piliere about the players who will look to become household names this June.

Piliere is a widely respected expert on high school and college players and is employed as a draft consultant by the Texas Rangers. He's written an update on the Top 100 Draft Prospects and is going to answer questions from premium users about what the Phillies might do, or give more insight on players on his top 100 list or players who missed his list. He'll even explain why some players didn't make his listing. This is a guy who has personally scouted over 650 players and has compiled extensive notes on all of them.

To have your question submitted to Frankie Piliere, send it to and we'll pass it along to Frankie for an upcoming article. Remember, only premium users get to ask questions, as an added benefit to being a Philly Baseball News insider.

Get your questions in before 9 p.m. on Tuesday February 12.

Read Frankie Piliere's ranking of the Top 100 Draft Prospects.

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