Phillies Prospect #48: Derrick Mitchell

Derrick Mitchell has had a tough time jumping from the high school ranks to the pros, but there is a lot of talent there and he's still very young.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 23rd round of the 2005 Draft.

B: T: R  /  Height: 6' 2"  /  Weight: 185 lbs

Birth Date: January 5, 1987

2007 Team: Williamsport (62 g)

Positions Played in 2007: 3B (55 g)

School: Paw Paw High School (Michigan)

Batting and Power: Derrick Mitchell's offense has been the slowest developing part of his game. He's got good bat speed and the ability to turn on the ball, but has been overmatched by pitchers at the pro level. The power and offensive skills that he showed in high school simply haven't translated to the pro game; yet. The talent is there and Mitchell is working to improve, but has not found a way to put it all together. If and when he does put it all together, he could be at least an average type offensive player.

Baserunning and Speed: Mitchell has decent speed, but not enough to really be considered a threat on the bases. He's a good baserunner who can grab an extra base here and there, but that's about all there is.

Defense: In high school, Mitchell showed very good range from the shortstop position and has a very strong arm. The pro game is a faster game though and it took a bite out of Mitchell's ability to get to balls hit in the hole or up the middle. The Phillies moved him to third base after the 2005 season, but it didn't help. He's got the arm strength, but has had trouble making plays and hasn't quite picked up the mechanics of playing at third base through two seasons at the position.

Projection: This is going to be an important season for Mitchell. Although he's young - he just turned 21 - and his body hasn't completely developed, Mitchell needs to start showing more progress. He's yet to make it out of the short-season leagues and isn't likely to make it out in 2008. If he can at least put up decent numbers back at Williamsport this season, Mitchell can definitely make a go of it. Unfortunately, he's reaching that point where teams expect young players to show what they can do or they move on to the next prospect. Again, the talent is there and Mitchell is very young and has worked hard to improve, but it hasn't come together at this point.

Comparison: One minor league observer had an interesting comparison for Mitchell. "He's Carlos Rodriguez with a better attitude and work ethic." That was meant as a compliment and not a dig toward Mitchell. Rodriguez (C-Rod) had loads of talent, but never put it together, partly because of his character flaws. Mitchell doesn't have those flaws; in fact, he's the opposite of C-Rod, so there is a lot of hope that he can put together his skills and make it through the organization.

What else you should know about Derrick Mitchell:

  • 2005 was a good year for the Mitchell family. While Derrick was drafted by the Phillies, his uncle, Jerry Mitchell, won a Tony Award for choreography on La Cage aux Folles.
  • Mitchell had signed a letter of intent to attend Michigan State

Derrick Mitchell's career stats

2005 GCL Phils 1 9 .213 21 75 14 16 4 0 1 5 27 .274 .307 581
2006 GCL Phils 2 12 .213 32 108 12 23 6 0 6 8 21 .286 .324 610
2007 Williamsport 6 27 .231 62 221 27 51 15 1 5 18 59 .312 .389 701
Minor League Totals - 3 Seasons 9 48 .223 115 404 53 90 25 1 12 31 107 .298 .356 654

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