RRSports Collectibles Report

This week, there are three new items for collectors to consider. One new baseball set and two non-sport sets all worth a look.

I had a nice guest in my shop this week, the Red Sox fan club director and a very nice person. Also had a customer come in shopping and came to pay for his item and all he had were Euros. I told him even though the exchange rate was higher than American money, he would have to exchange them. Turned out that he was in town from Norway and was doing some shopping.

This week, I have three new products and I give them all a thumbs up.

First up is Tri-Star Cuts Baseball. You get one card, an autograph in each and all for a pricy amount of $30.00 a pack and $115 a box. It's broken down by these catergories: vintage/Hall of Famers, star players and deceased players. The best of the bunch is a Babe Ruth.

My next two products are non-sport, but they are both winners.

Marilyn Monroe Archives cost $80 per box, with a chance at sketch art cards, autographs and five different costume cards. If you are a fan of hers, this is a must have.

The next item is Celebrity Posters and also costs $80 per box and features insert sets of Gone With the Wind, Key Largo, The Maltese Falcon and Top Hat. They feature sketch cards, autographs on the posters and cut autographs on the poster cards from some of the great movies of our time. If you are a movie buff or a lover of old movies, than this is a product for you. I know my wife will be looking for the Clark Gable autograph.

That's all for this week. If you have any questions on this or any other article, please e-mail me at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM.

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