Phillies Prospect #43: Dan Brauer

Dan Brauer had a down season in 2008, struggling with both his numbers and an injury. The injury is especially worrisome since he had shoulder surgery in college that cost him an entire season. So, just what does the future hold for Dan Brauer?

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 6th round of the 2006 Draft.

B: T: L  /  Height: 6' 0"  /  Weight: 210 lbs.

Birth Date: October 14, 1983

2007 Team: Clearwater (8 g), GCL Phillies (1 g)

Games/Games Started in 2007: Clearwater (8 g/8 gs), GCL Phillies (1 g/1 gs)

School: Northwestern University

Why the drop from #19 last year to #43 this year? Dan Brauer had a nice, but not explosive first season in the pros. A lot of his ranking came because of the fact that Brauer came from a solid college program and was a pretty highly regarded pick. In year two, Brauer stumbled and then missed a chunk of time because of an injury and now needs to fnd a way to bounce back to pull himself back on to the radar of Phillies prospects.

Repertoire: The Phillies have worked with Brauer to do two main things. One, gain a little velocity on his fastball. And two, develop a better change-up. His fastball is generally in the upper 80s and if he could gain a little velocity and gain a better change-up, it would make what is an average fastball look a little more intimidating. His curveball is pretty good, but he does struggle to consistently throw it for strikes. Brauer could very well be right on the verge of having a breakout season, but needs for a couple things to come together for himself.

Pitching Style: Brauer keeps the ball down in the zone, but sometimes has trouble finding the bottom of the strike zone and falls behind hitters. Dominating the strike zone is where Brauer really struggles and he can't stay consistent with his control.

Projection: This is a 24 year old lefty with a lot of talent. He has the ability to be a middle of the rotation starter, but the Phillies may decide that he's better suited for the bullpen, especially if he can develop some consistency in throwing strikes. After having shoulder surgery in college and now missing a chunk of last season because of another injury, there are some definite question marks about Brauer's future. This coming season will be very important for Brauer and his future with the Phillies.

Dan Brauer's career stats

2006 Batavia 3 4 1.96 0 11 10 55.0 39 14 12 1 18 65 1.04 .206
2006 Lakewood 0 1 4.50 0 3 2 8.0 10 9 4 1 5 10 1.88 .303
2007 Clearwater 4 3 6.00 0 8 8 36.0 33 24 24 2 28 35 1.69 .246
2007 GCL Phillies 0 1 0.00 0 1 1 2.0 2 1 0 0 1 3 1.50 .286
TOTALS 3 5 2.29 0 14 12 63.0 49 23 16 2 23 75 1.14 .231

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