Phillies Prospect #37: Carlos Monasterios

Whether for good or bad, Carlos Monasterios will always be linked to the Phillies trade of Bobby Abreu in 2006. So far, he's not quite the pitcher the Phillies had hoped for, but there's still time.

Acquired: In the deal that sent Bobby Abreu to the Yankees in July, 2006.

B: T: R  /  Height: 6' 2"  /  Weight: 175 lbs

Birth Date: March 21, 1986

2007 Team/Level: Lakewood (Low - A)

Games/Games Started in 2007: 26 g / 26 gs

Last Year's Ranking: 26

Why did Monasterios drop from #26 to #36? Yes, he skipped a level last season, but basically, Monasterios only showed one thing and that was that he could handle throwing more innings than he had earlier in his career. That question wasn't really in doubt. On the upside, he finished the season strong and as the Lakewood BlueClaws were fighting for the playoffs, it was Monasterios who was leading the charge. In his last three starts, Monasterios went 2-1, 3.20 for the 'Claws. The biggest concern is consistency. Monasterios can look great one game and lost the next and that's something that baffles the Phillies, because he's got all the basics that he needs to be successful.

Repertoire: Carlos Monasterios is known for his curve, which is almost Major League ready. His fastball has decent movement and he throws it in the mid-90s. The Phillies are working with him to develop a slider and change-up, but so far, those pitches aren't coming along too well. He'll need for one of them to click if he's going to be the successful type pitcher that the Phillies think he can be.

Pitching Style: Monasterios generally has good control, but when it leaves him, it leaves him. He has the potential to walk hitters in bunches and fall apart quickly, primarily because he lets it wear on him and he becomes his own worst enemy. As for the innings pitched though, he averaged six innings per start and that's a nice number, especially considering that he hadn't been pushed to those levels over the past few seasons in the minors.

Projection: The question is, just when is Carlos Monasterios going to break out? The talent is there and his curve ball can be downright awe inspiring, but again, the consistency is the issue. If he latches on to some consistency and gets himself in a place where he can forget about the last hitter and focus on the next one, he'll be fine. Monasterios figures to be one of those pitchers who has some sort of light go on and all of a sudden, they're unhittable. Unfortunately, some of those pitchers never go towards that light and wind up being long-term minor leaguers.

Carlos Monasterios' career stats

2006 GCL Yankees 1 2 2.97 2 7 3 30.1 23 12 10 2 3 24 0.86 .207
2006 GCL Phillies 0 2 3.68 0 4 3 14.2 18 7 6 1 3 11 1.43 .295
2007 Lakewood 11 11 4.62 0 26 26 156.0 155 93 80 13 55 114 1.35 .261
TOTALS 12 16 4.29 2 37 32 201.0 196 112 96 16 61 149 1.28 .256

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