Notes From Camp

From some sad news about one of the Phillies coaches to good news about some of the Phillies young players. It's all here in Notes From Camp.

You may have noticed that Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt was coaching first base early in camp. Davey Lopes, the Phillies first base coach, was away from the team to tend to personal business, which turns out to be a health issue. Earlier in camp, during a routine physical, some concerns were found which sent Lopes for more tests, which in turn revealed that he had prostate cancer. Doctors believe that they found the cancer early enough and the prognosis is good, but Lopes will have to be away from the club for about six weeks to recuperate.

Only Half-A-Mill?

Cole Hamels called the Phillies renewal of his contract at $500,000 for 2008 a "low blow". Hamels had told reporters that he was looking for about $700,000 from the Phillies. The two sides were unable to reach an agreement, so the Phillies just went with their number. It's a situation similar to what Ryan Howard has gone through with the club, so nobody should be too surprised.

You do have to wonder though, if saving some relative chump change at this point will come back to haunt the Phillies, or at least cost them more money, down the road when Hamels can do some real negotiating.

"That will effect certain things down the line that come up," Hamels told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "You can't just all of a sudden throw everything out [at a player] at the last second and think that's really going to make him happy, because you still have check marks for what [the team] didn't do in the years before." Sounds like a warning from the young lefty. As for GM Pat Gillick, his response was terse at best. "Let him do it," said Gillick. Easy for him to say, since the odds of him being in Philly to deal with the mess are slim and none.

Carrasco Wants In

Remember a few years ago when Cole Hamels blew through the biggest part of the Yankees lineup and everyone knew he was ready? Well, it wasn't quite the same, but Carlos Carrasco put down Jorge Posada and Jason Giambi and then got Robinson Cano to hit into a double-play the next inning. Don't look now, but Carrasco has thrown four scoreless innings this spring and has set down all but two of the 13 hitters that he's faced. "To be able to pitch three scoreless innings against the Yankees feels very good," said Carrasco after the outing.

For his part, Carrasco says he's ready for the fifth spot in the rotation, but the Phillies have insisted that they won't rush him into the job and it's likely that he'll start the season in the minors, no matter how well he pitches in camp. Still, it's going to be tough to keep ignoring him if he continues to throw the way that he has. Keep it all in perspective though, since it's very early and one bad outing will push his numbers sky high and this is spring training. Things change when the games mean something.

Savery Bounces Back

After getting hit around in his first outing of the spring, Joe Savery pitched much better in Monday's 3-1 win over Pittsburgh. Savery threw two shutout innings, but did walk two hitters. The bigger news was two perfect innings from Zack Segovia, who is coming off shoulder surgery in the off-season and looked very smooth when it came his turn to pitch.

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