Phillies Prospect #27: D'Arby Myers

D'Arby Myers came out of high school as a budding prospect with raw skills that just needed some refining. He's athletic, smart and passionate about baseball.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 4th round of the 2006 Draft.

B:T: R  / Height: 6' 3" / Weight: 175 lbs.

Birth Date: December 9, 1988

2007 Team: Williamsport (46 g)

Positions Played in 2007: CF (46 g)

School: Westchester High School (California)

Last Year's Ranking: #28

Why Myers moved up one spot on our rankings: If you just go by the raw numbers, you may not think that Myers made much progress this past season. Dig deeper though and you'll find some interesting numbers, including getting back to the more solid plate discipline that he showed in high school. Myers probably has more passion and love for the game of baseball than almost any other player in the Phillies system and he has taken well to the coaching that the Phillies have given him. He's still making a lot of adjustments to his game and it's an on-going process, but when all was said and done, last season wasn't at all a loss for Myers because of the strides that he did make, even though they didn't immediately translate to better stats.

Batting and Power:  In his first pro season, D'Arby Myers had a tough time with putting his bat on the ball and struck out 32 times in 31 games. It was a key issue when scouts looked at Myers debut season and something that the Phillies worked on and the work paid off. In 51 more at bats in 2007, Myers struck out only two more times than he did in the previous season. In high school, Myers showed a strong knowledge of the strike zone and was able to lay off bad pitches and it's a trait that Myers will continue to get back to in his pro career. The bad news is that Myers average suffered in 2007, but keep in mind that he's still only 19 years old and the Phillies knew there would be some work necessary. The Phillies believe that Myers will eventually settle in and put up much more consistent numbers and show average power.

Baserunning and Speed: Myers doesn't have blazing speed, but he does have above average speed and should be able to hit near the top of the lineup and has enough speed to make things happen on the bases. He also has a strong feeling for how and when to steal bases, which will compliment his speed. When he develops the ability to get on base more consistently, his speed will be able to play a bigger role in his game.

Defense: Myers made nice strides in improving his defense last season, making just one error in 46 games. While he's not the kind of player who will make a number of spectacular plays in the outfield, but he's got enough speed to get to balls hit away from him and he'll make all the routine plays. Once he gets the ball though, he's not going to throw out many base runners because of his lack of a strong throwing arm. In fact, his arm is average at best and there's not likely going to be much improvement in that area.

Projection: It's still going to take some work for Myers to truly get on the right path, but he's putting in all the work that he needs to do, which will improve his chances. With his down numbers at Williamsport, it's likely that Myers will be back in extended camp before heading back to Williamsport for another season. By late in the year, Myers may get a peak at Lakewood as a precursor to what lies ahead for him. When judging Myers, remember that he just turned 19 in December, so there is plenty of time for him to develop and it's likely that once he starts moving, he could move at a pretty brisk pace.

What else you should know about D'Arby Myers: 

  • Myers had a 4.0 GPA and scored 1300 on his SATs. That and his baseball skills had him headed to USC until the Phillies ponied up enough money to make him turn pro.
  • The Reviving Baseball in Inner-cities program (RBI) is starting to show some true talent and Myers is a product of the program, as are five other recent Phillies draft picks.

career stats

2006 GCL 2 13 .313 31 128 20 40 7 1 11 7 32 .353 .430
2007 Williamsport 1 17 .240 46 179 28 43 7 0 11 11 34 .286 .296
TOTALS 3 30 .270 77 307 48 83 14 1 22 18 66 .314 .352

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