RRSports Collectibles Report

While the Phillies prepare for the season, there are plenty of new card sets coming out to keep collectors happy.

Well, here we are; another week into spring training, and another failed fishing trip. I learned my lesson about fishing when it's windy. I was standing at the end of the dock, waves are crashing, and my Phillies hat went blowing out into the gulf. Thankfully, my fishing partner is a better caster than I am and he snagged my hat on the first try. Next Tuesday I'll try again and hope for better weather. We are in our spring type weather here, with wind, some cool nights and blustery days. If you see the box scores from the games you will see rain shortened games and some wind aided home runs. A ten homer a year player can become an overnight sensation on a good wind blown day. We have quite a bit to cover this week, so on with the show.

First up will be Tri Star Hidden Treasures Bronx Edition. This one's for the New York faithful and the autograph seeker. There are about 40 different Yankees in this set and you get an autographed baseball from players like Ron Guidry, Babe Ruth, Joba Chamberlain, Mickey Mantle and others. It's obviously a wide ranging group of potential autographs to look for. The set is a hit no matter which way you look at it, but get it early, because this will sell out quickly.

Next, we have Topps Moments and Milestones. Just as it was last year, this set will be a big hit. The set features milestones that were reached up through last season and has autographs included as well.

Next, we have two football products, really it's one, as both Topps and Upper Deck release their Super Bowl Set. The difference is not the price, because they are priced the same and the set is actually close to being the same, but the Upper Deck has a commemorative card in each set, which is the big difference. The Topps set includes an actual ticket from the game, which in itself is highly collectable, making Topps the clear winner here.

The last product will be the Game Between the Pipes Hockey, featuring the greatest goalies from face masks to sticks to autographs. The set is a big winner out of Canada.

If you have any questions on these or any other products email me at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM.

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