Phillies Prospect #20: Tyler Mach

Tyler Mach has some rough edges, but none too rough to warrant him possibly calling it quits. For their part, the Phillies should be hoping that Mach rejoins them and takes the field for them before too long.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 4th round of the 2007 Draft.

B:T: R  / Height: 6' 1" / Weight: 195 lbs.

Birth Date: December 11, 1985

2007 Team: Williamsport

Positions Played in 2007: 2B (56 g)

School: Oklahoma State University

Since being selected as the number 20 prospect on our list of the Top 75 Phillies Prospects, Tyler Mach has gone dangerously AWOL. He has yet to show up in Clearwater for minor league spring training and is reportedly considering retirement, even though he has been a highly touted prospect and put up solid numbers in his debut season with Williamsport.

Batting and Power: Tyler Mach had some pretty hefty help in learning his offensive skills, working with former major leaguer Edgar Martinez. Mach took the lessons to heart and developed not just the physical skills that Martinez had, but learned how to put in the work that is required to become a good hitter. His power certainly isn't legendary and he's not bound to win any home run titles, but he's got enough power that opposing pitchers need to be careful with him. In addition to the power, Mach has the ability to get on base and should hit for a strong average should he decide to continue his career.

Baserunning and Speed: Mach's baserunning skills are pretty good, but not great. His speed also isn't overwhelming and he's not going to steal too many bases.

Defense: There is some work to do on Mach's mechanics, but a lot of the things that scouts say about Mach's defense are the same things that they said about Chase Utley when he was drafted. Utley worked hard on the mechanics of fielding and made himself into a much better fielder and it's very likely that Mach would be able to make the same sort of progress.

Projection: There isn't any one thing that Mach does in a dominating way. Instead, he just does a lot well and strives for consistency in every part of his game. There would be a lot of work to do with Mach, but the shortcomings that he has certainly aren't things that couldn't be fixed with some hard work. The fact that he's seriously considering retirement is unfortunate for a couple of reasons. First, because the Phillies will have basically wasted a fourth round pick from the 2007 Draft. Secondly, Mach has the ability to be a pretty good player and once the rough edges would be worked out, he would have to be considered a well above average prospect. If he's back, he would probably need at least some time in extended camp, but could certainly be in Lakewood before too long.

"I'm going to give myself five years. At the end of that, we'll see where I'm at. Minor league life is definitely not like major league life... Ever since I was little, I looked up to guys in the major leagues and wondered what it would be like to be in their shoes. It's weird to know I have the opportunity now. I might have the chance to make a dream come true." - Tyler Mach on how he viewed his pro career when he was drafted with the Phillies fourth round pick in 2007.

Tyler Mach's career stats

2007 Williamsport 5 38 .287 65 247 33 71 19 2 1 21 33 .362 .441

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