RRSports Collectables Report

The new Beckett Price Guide brings an interesting twist to the hobby's monthly bible. That and other interesting tidbits in the RRSports Collectables Report.

Well, here we are; another week, and a beautiful week it is, with temps in the 80s and no precipitation. The other day, I wound up visiting an orthopedic surgeon for some shoulder problems and walking down the hall to my appointment, I noticed autographs of Red Sox players all over the place. From Manny Ramirez to David Ortiz and all the rest, and it winds up that this is where they have their surgeries done. I left with a great impression, but unfortunately, also with an appointment for shoulder surgery.

Now, onto our products.

This week, we have Topps Opening Day Baseball, priced at $1.00 a pack and $35 a box. As usually, you can't go wrong, especially since you even find bubble gum in each pack, along with the rosters of each team, autographs and a puzzle in the 220 card set.

Next we have something near and dear to my heart, Mr Beckett. His new monthly book arrived this week, and it combines all sports in one magazine. For $7.99, you get prices guides for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, racing, diecast, golf and wrestling. For baseball, it only has '07 and ‘08, so if you do not have an annual how do you see the prices for before? You buy a quarterly for $6.99, for each sport or get the online service for each sport for 5.99 each. It's a tough decision on what you want to pay for. I get the monthly which did not have Topps or Upper Deck in baseball or Fleer in basketball or Tri-star in football. I guess that's next month's issue.

That's it from Florida for this week. Remember, if you have a bad day, just go fishing. That always seems to help. If you have any questions about this article or anything else, drop me a line at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM. Thanks and I'll see you all next week.

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