RRSports Collectables Report

There isn't a lot of movement on the collectables front, but we give you all there is to know.

Hello everyone, from southwest Florida, where it's warm and the beaches are hotter. Today's high has reached 90 degrees. I keep looking in on the Phils minor league system, and am amazed at how bad the IronPigs are doing. I know if I still lived there I would be in the park everyday, just hoping for that first win. Why isn't this team hitting? They have some proven veteran hitters, but nobody can hit above .200. Law of averages says they will break out soon and they will take it out on some poor team. Going in the different direction, has anyone seen Mike Durant? He is hitting a ton in Lakewood. It looks like he is finally hitting his stride and being the player the Phils wanted when they drafted him.

It's been a couple of slow weeks, and only a few new products have come out. We have Tri-Star Projections, a minor league product loaded with autographs. This will set you back $90 a box and $4.00 a pack. The other new product is WWE Chrome, for all you wrestling fans, this product is a must, with a lot of autographs and costume cards, the boxes run around $70.

That's all I have this week. Coming up in May, I'll be out of commission for at least a couple of weeks, because I am having surgery on my shoulder to repair a torn rotator. This is my third surgery on the same shoulder. I wrote a paper while in college which has caused my injury, it was entitled "Why not throw a curve?" I was a very good pitcher at one time, and lived on a curveball as my outpitch. Unfortunately, I had started throwing it when I was 12 and by the time I was 20 my shoulder was shot. The rotation or movement to throw a curve is an unnatural movement and causes strain on the joint and rubs constantly, which over a period of time just wore out.

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