RRSports Collectables Report

While there are some good products coming out, the economy is making it tougher to buy them. So, to help you pick and choose which porducts are the best options for you, we present our collectables report.

A lot of new items will be coming out in the next few weeks, in fact, next week will be a huge week. This week we have two new products to go over, but before I start, I thought I would take a look at the collectibles business. Business has been down the last few weeks and my customers have all said the same thing; there is not enough money to go around since the economy is in such a mess. After all, gas prices are higher than ever, taxes were due and food prices are on the rise. To add to it all, people are getting frustrated by world events. I just say when its time get out and vote, be sure your voice is heard. Instead of customers coming in to buy boxes they are buying packs and want to sell off a lot of what they have. I get at least five or ten people daily who come in wanting to sell off their collection. I have bought some and told others to just ride it out. I have been through downward economies and even sports strikes in the past, but I think is the worst I have seen and even I'm just hoping to survive this ordeal. Some of my competition has already folded and more go out each week. Once the economy turns they'll likely return. If I can break even each week I will survive, but for how long?

On to the products for this week.

Tri-Star Projections presents minor league baseball at its best with autographs, multiple levels and a good roster, it's definitely a winner. A box will set you back about $90.00 and a pack runs at $4.00.

For football lovers, Press Pass Football is the only product with McFadden autographs. Grab this early because it will be a big winner. This is the best early football product to get, because the checklist is deep and the autographs are plentiful, which makes this a sure winner. Press Pass Football will set you back $110 a box and $4.00 a pack.

One last item is McFarlane's new baseball case. Wat a surprise I got when it was delivered today. It was to feature Nomar Garciaparra, but he was replaced with Josh Hamilton, which it turns out will be short-printed. If you're a collector that's one to pick up. We carry a full line of McFarlane items from sports to entertainment.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM. Until next week, adios.

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