Vintage Sports Report

Last week was a slow one for collectables, but this week brings some interesting products, including a Minor League set that's a little pricey, but contains a great item.

Last week was a dead week for new items. I had nothing come in but had a very good weekend so I was ready for this week when a few nice items do come in and nest week is a big week.

First this week, Press Pass Signature Edition football. You get an autograph or game piece in each pack, making this by far the most popular Press Pass football product. It's a little pricey though at $150 a box and $13 a pack.

Next we have Just Minors Mystery Jersey boxes. You get a full length autographed jersey and two autograph cards per box, with the best one being a Ted Williams certified jersey. These are not autographed cards with a piece of jersey but a full length jersey in each box from some of the top minor league players in the game today. These boxes are very limited production, so if you see them pick up a box, even though it will cost you $125 per box.

Last on my list this week, is an entertainment product; Indiana Jones, for the new movie that's coming out soon. These boxes will run $50.00 eacn and you'll get a full set, sketch cards, one-of-ones and single dual and triple autographs. The dual and triple autographs are of Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Steven Speilberg. It's a nice triple autograph and a great collection addition for anyone.

That's a wrap for this week. If you've got questions on this article or any suggestions for the future, just e-mail me at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM, I will answer as soon as I can.

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