A Look Back At the 2007 Draft

Last June, the Phillies made their annual gaze into baseball's crystal ball to find tomorrow's talent in the 2007 Draft. Almost a year later, we take a look back at the first five players the Phillies drafted to see how the picks are working out.

Round 1: Joe Savery, LHP

Savery had a good start to his pro career last summer at Williamsport (2-3, 2.73) and started the season well at Clearwater in 2008, but things have fallen apart of late. Savery was 1-1, 0.90 after his first three games this season, but went 0-3 with an 8.01 ERA in his next eight starts. The good news is that Savery looked more like the early season version of himself when he started Wednesday night against Daytona and went seven innings and allowed just one earned run while striking out seven.

It's not unusual for young pitchers to hit a wall and there's no real need to worry about Savery since he appears healthy and figures to be able to straighten himself out. If anything, it just tempers spirits a little as far as how quickly Savery could be in the majors.

Supplemental Pick: Travis D'Arnaud, C

While he didn't turn a lot of heads in his pro debut in the Gulf Coast League in 2007, D'Arnaud showed some very good signs. D'Arnaud needs to work on developing more plate discipline, but that is more a result of learning how to hit better pitchers and not letting them fool him, because in college he showed a pretty good eye. As he returns to form, his average should start to climb a little. He's got decent power and his defense is above average, so there is a lot to like.

The Phillies kept D'Arnaud in extended camp this spring and he'll likely start the year at Williamsport when the short-seasons kick in after the draft.

Round 2: Travis Mattair, 3B

Even though he didn't show big numbers in the Gulf Coast League (3-21-.235), the Phillies moved him along to Lakewood in 2008 and he's had his early struggles with the BlueClaws, but has been picking up the pace of late. In the month of May, Mattair is hitting .267 after starting out with a .195 performance through the first month of the season. Defensively, Mattair is struggling a little, having made ten errors already this season, which is surprising considering that he's always been a good defensive player. Mattair isn't a natural third baseman, so there is an adjustment curve that he'll have to endure. His power is also going to develop as he adjusts to the pitching and using a wood bat.

Round 3: Brandon Workman, RHP

The Phillies were unable to sign Workman and he headed off to the University of Texas where he's gone 5-2, 5.13 in 18 games (six starts).

Supplemental Pick: Matt Spencer, LF

After a good debut at Williamsport (9-26-.263), the Phillies sent him to Clearwater to start the 2008 season and he hasn't disappointed. The Arizona State product is hitting .269 and considering the skip that he made over Lakewood, that's not a bad number. Spencer is going to have to make some adjustments though, because pitchers have figured out how to get him out and his average has been falling. Spencer is a hard worker and smart player and he'll get back to where he was early in the year.


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