Brummett Keeps Rolling Along

Tyson Brummett started the season at Lakewood, but shortly after the season started, he was moving along to Clearwater. Since his arrival with the Threshers, he's been rolling through the Florida State League with little problems.

Tyson Brummett came to the Phillies pretty well prepared to pitch in the minor leagues. After a strong career at UCLA, Brummett lasted until the seventh round of the 2007 Draft where the Phillies grabbed him. He started his pro career with Williamsport and pitched well (5-5, 3.40) in 12 starts and three relief appearances for the Crosscutters. In 2008, he started at Lakewood, but pitched well enough to be moved up a rung quickly to wind up in Clearwater and things there have gone well for him.

"I've just felt very good on the mound and have been able to have some success," said an understated Brummett. That success has given him a combined mark of 3-2, 2.43 in his stops at Lakewood and Clearwater this season. At Clearwater, he's averaging 6.5 innings per start and opponents are hitting just .220 against him. In his two losses, he's had a 3.75 ERA and Clearwater was shut out in both losses, losing 4-0 and 2-0. "I don't think of it as bad luck or anything," said Brummett when asked about suffering two tough losses. "Sometimes you get a lot of runs and sometimes you don't. I just have to give my club a chance to win and see how it turns out from there."

Brummett hasn't always been the type of pitcher that he is now and he hasn't always been the type of person that he is now. He admits that he had some growing pains, but learned quickly enough that there were people like his family and coaches around him who were only trying to help. "When you think you know it all, you're only fooling yourself," said Brummett of his struggles. "When I took a step back and really started to appreciate the help that was there for me, things just all fell into place." It didn't hurt that he went from a guy coaches referred to as a thrower to one that is a bona fide pitcher with four strong pitches. He's pumped his fastball into the low-90s and sometimes pushes it a little above that, balancing it with a good change-up to keep hitters guessing. His curve and slider are also pitches that he can throw at almost any point in the count and he gets good movement on all of his pitches.

One thing that may have woken Brummett up was the 2006 Draft. The San Francisco Giants had drafted him in 2003 and 2004, but he didn't sign with them. He thought that after his junior season at UCLA he would fare pretty well in the 2006 Draft, but not only didn't he go in the early rounds, he wasn't drafted at all. Believing that things happen for a reason, Brummett returned to UCLA and went back to work with a renewed attitude. By the next June, he was again optimistic and the Phillies were happy to get him where they did. "I guess you always want to go a little higher than where you go, but overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. I've had some success here and I've been treated very well, so it all worked out well, I think," said Brummett about his foray into the world of the June Draft.

Now, Brummett is just moving along and looking ahead. "I don't worry about whether or not I'll move up another level this season or what's going to happen down the road. All I can do is go out there and try to get hitters out and see where it all leads."

Tyson Brummett's career stats

2006 Williamsport 5 5 3.40 15 12 1 76.2 71 34 29 2 14 55 1.10 .240
2007 Lakewood 3 0 1.95 6 6 0 37.0 28 12 8 1 10 36 1.03 .214
2007 Clearwater 0 2 3.12 4 4 0 26.0 22 10 9 3 9 18 1.19 .220
TOTALS 8 7 2.96 25 22 1 139.2 121 56 46 6 33 109 1.10 .230

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