An Apology From Philly Baseball News

Philly Baseball News recently ran a story on Greg Golson that was erroneous. We regret the publishing of that story and look to explain what happened.

On May 27th, Philly Baseball News ran a story regarding the supposed promotion of Greg Golson to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. The story contained supposed quotes from Golson which were later found to have been fabricated.

The problem actually began on May 26th when I was informed through a source in the media that the Phillies were going to promote Golson to Lehigh Valley the next day. While speaking later with a member of our staff, he said that he would be able to catch up with the Reading Phillies on the 27th and confirm the story. He told me that if he were able to track down Golson, he would get some quotes and send them along to me to use in a story. I did in fact receive quotes from our staff member and proceeded to use them in a story about Golson being promoted.

After the story had already been written - with my by-line and the supposed quotes included - it was posted to the site as our lead story. Shortly after that, I received a press release from the Lehigh Valley IronPigs stating that Javon Moran had been promoted from Reading and not Golson. I immediately pulled the story upon finding that out and started investigating what happened. Eventually, I was able to get to the bottom of the incident and found that our staffer had in fact sent me fabricated quotes from Golson.

Because of this incident, I feel that it is imperative that I apologize to our readers, the Phillies organization and of course, to Greg Golson himself. I have been informed that the article caused some concern throughout the organization and as publisher, I accept full responsibility for the article. Yes, there were others who contributed to the problem, but again, as publisher, it comes down to me to insure that incidents like this don't happen and I apologize that I allowed this one to occur.

In response to this, I have instituted safeguards with our staff members to be absolutely sure that this won't ever occur again and the involved staff member has been dismissed. I have also spoken with the Reading Phillies and passed along my apologies for the incident. Believe me, I know more than anybody that incidents like this have no place in journalism and our readers can rest assured that it won't happen again on Philly Baseball News.

I appreciate the support of our readers and hope to completely regain your trust through extensive and accurate coverage of the Phillies organization. Again, my apologies to all of the innocent parties that were involved, including our readers who were duped by this erroneous, fabricated story.

Sincerely, Chuck Hixson Publisher Philly Baseball News

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