And The Concensus Is...

There are all sorts of experts - yes, even us - weighing in on who the Phillies will take with their first pick on Thursday. We've rounded up all of the experts and put their thoughts in one place for you to consider.

Chuck Hixson, Philly Baseball News

Brett Lawrie, C, Brentwood SS (Canada) - Why would the Phillies take a catcher with Jason Jaramillo and Lou Marson coming through the ranks? Easy. Nobody is sure where Lawrie will wind up playing in the pros, but scouts are pegging him to be a catcher, although running a close second is third base. If the Phillies can iron out his footwork at third, they would have a legitimate power-hitting third base prospect in the organization, although he'll take a while to truly rise through the system. You can just see Mike Schmidt working with Lawrie on a back field at the Carpenter Complex somewhere next Spring. And if he doesn't work out at third, you have another catching prospect to groom and bring up through the organization. By the way, in Canada, SS (secondary school) is the equivalent of high school in the states and Lawrie just turned 18 in January.

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Zach Collier, OF, Chino Hills HS (California) - This wouldn't be a bad pick at all and it's easy to see why the Phillies would go this way. For their part, Phuture Phillies thinks there are other guys who would be a better pick here, but concedes that with some work, Collier is a star in the making. The 17 year old Collier has plenty of power and speed to go along with good instincts and defensive skills. It should be noted that Phuture Phillies did two other mock drafts and had the Phillies taking left-hander Brett DeVall in both of those, but moved off of him for their final tune-up. Collier would seem a more likely choice, but DeVall wouldn't be a bad option. Here's how Sickels describes Collier: He's toolsy like the Phils like, and not quite as raw as some they have drafted in the past.

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Anthony Hewitt, SS, Salisbury HS (Connecticut) - Hewitt could wind up in center field before all is said and done, since he has the speed and arm to play in the outfield and his range at short is a little suspect even though he's got good speed and athleticism. He's developing power and will develop more as he matures and fills out. Here's what BA had to say about Hewitt: Philadelphia GM Pat Gillick built the Blue Jays' World Series clubs on sheer athleticism, and the best athlete in this draft is Hewitt. He's very raw, but that never has scared Gillick. They also point out that Collier and Destin Hood (high school SS/OF from Alabama) would be potential choices with this pick. thinks highly of Hewitt's potential: He may take longer to develop than other players in his class, but if everything comes together for him, Hewitt could be one of the best players of his class. High school right-hander Ethan Martin is pointed to as another option for the Phillies on the mock draft.

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