Draft Profile: Anthony Hewitt

Odds are that he won't be a popular pick, but the Phillies took shortstop Anthony Hewitt with the 24th overall pick in the draft.

Anthony Hewitt is going to need some work. He's a high schooler who is known for putting on impressive displays before games, but gets nowhere near those moments during games. The Phillies scouted him heavily though and believe that he's a solid pick at number 24.

Hitting For Power: Hewitt has generated some power, but again, it's come primarily in batting practice situations. So far, in game situations, he's shown some flashes of power, but not as much as most scouts project him to have down the road if all goes well.

Hitting For Average: As this past season progressed, Hewitt worked on refining his swing, but he still will need more work on mechanics to have success in the pro ranks. He should be able to hit for a pretty good average as long as the holes in  his swing are closed.

Speed: If he can get on base, Hewitt should be able to use his good speed well on the bases. He's also got good instincts on the bases and will grab an extra base where a lot of other runners will miss the opportunity.

Defense: Again, the projectability and tools are there, but will it all pan out? Many scouts believe that he'll wind up being moved to center field. If the right person can get through to him, he may be able to improve his mechanics and footwork well enough to stick in the middle part of the infield.

Arm: It would be a bit of a shame for Hewitt to not be able to play a position where he would be able to put a strong arm to use. He's got a very strong arm that can certainly handle long throws from the hole, if the rest of his defense comes up to where it will need to be.

Summary: One internet message board had him pegged. He's a version of C.J. Henry, the former first round pick that the Phillies acquired in the Bobby Abreu deal with the Yankees. Henry was a complete bust in the Phillies organization and the comparison between him and Hewitt is right on because they were both tools type players who had great projectability, but hadn't really performed well enough to warrant where they were drafted. It's not out of the question that Hewitt could have still been there when the Phillies picked in the sandwich round at number 34. He's got a commitment to Vanderbilt and it's going to be pretty pricey for the Phillies to buy their way out of that one.

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