Draft Profile: Zach Collier

Pat Gillick loves "toolsy" type players and he's picked up two of them with the Phillies first two picks in the 2008 Draft. The latest is Zach Collier, an outfield prospect from California.

Zach Collier has a lot of potential. Scouts love to project just what he will be able to do as a pro and if all pans out, Pat Gillick will look like a genius.

Bats: L     Throws: L     Height: 6' 2"    Weight: 185    Birth Date: September 9, 1980 (17 years old)

Hitting For Power: There is plenty of power to spare with Collier, who is best known for his long, majestic shots to straightaway center field, which is where he hits most of his home runs. The Phillies will work on speeding up his bat a little, hoping that he can turn on more pitches and take advantage of the shorter route to the fence going down the line.

Hitting For Average: Collier generally makes good contact and has a decent swing with few holes. He'll need a little more plate discipline and the improved bat speed would help him greatly, but he should be able to draw on all of those tools that the Phillies have seen in him to get on base on a regular basis, likely posting solid on-base percentages.

Speed: If the Phillies work with Collier on his baserunning skills, they could have an above average base stealer on their hands. Collier has good speed, but isn't blinding. He's smart enough to improve his skills on the basepaths and his speed is certainly good enough to push himself near the upper echelon of basestealers and base runners in the pro ranks.

Defense: Nobody is quite sure where he'll wind up, other than they know it will be in the outfield. He's played primarily in right field, but has the range to play in center. The funny thing is that most scouts believe that his arm might not be quite strong enough for right and his range ultimately might not be quite good enough for center, putting him in left field, which is exactly where the Phillies announced him when they drafted him.

Arm: He's got a decent arm, but doesn't always put himself in the best position to throw as well as he might down the road. If the scouts are projecting him correctly, then he will improve his arm strength and mechanics and become a better outfield arm than he is right now.

Summary: Many thought Collier would go in the first round and nobody was surprised when it was the Phillies that took him. He is exactly the kind of player that Pat Gillick loves and comes to the Phillies with some work to do, but with all of the tools to get the job done. It was just two years ago that he underwent surgery to improve the blood flow to his heart, but he has shown no sign of any lingering issues from the procedure and appears completely healthy. Drafting tools players is always a gamble and the Phillies went that way with their first two picks in the draft.

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