Following The Picks: Who's Signed?

Philly Baseball News presents a rundown of the 2008 Phillies draft picks and news on which of them have signed. We've also got a look at how much some of the top picks cost the Phillies.

The Phillies have until August 15th to sign their picks from the 2008 Draft, so there is still about a month left to get things done with players. As of just about two weeks after the draft, 23 players have signed with the Phillies. Of players taken in the first ten rounds of the draft, five of the 13 players drafted by the Phillies have signed.

Anthony Gose (second round) is the highest of the picks to sign and his signature netted him $772,000, plus another $104,000 to cover eight semesters of school should things not work out for him on the diamond. Third rounder Vance Worley got $335,000 and an additional $30,000 for school, while third baseman Cody Overbeck (ninth round) got $80,000 plus $16,500 for school.

Here is a look at where the 2008 picks who have signed have started their professional careers:

Williamsport CrossCutters

Pitchers: Spencer Arroyo, Michael Cisco, Eryk McConnell, B.J. Rosenberg, Michael Schwimer, Michael Stutes, Vance Worley.

Infielders: Bryan Frew, Jeremy Hamilton, Troy Hanzawa, Daniel Hargrave, Cody Overbeck.

Outfielders: Brandon Haislet.

GCL Phillies

Pitchers: Ryan Bergh, Tyler Cloyd, Jordan Ellis, Sean Grieve, Julio Rodriguez.

Infielders: James Murphy.

Outfielders: Anthony Gose, Ruddy Rio-Nunez, Damarii Saunderson.

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