Phils Sign Unsignable Pettibone

The Phillies knew they were taking a bit of a risk by calling Jonathan Pettibone's name with the 110th overall pick in this past June's Draft, but it paid off. The right-hander was looked at as a tough sign, but in the end, the Phillies got it done.

There is no denying that Jonathan Pettibone has a lot of talent. Many teams though were going to shy away from him though this past June, at least in the early rounds of the draft, because it was assumed he would accept a scholarship to USC rather than sign a pro contract. Well, they were wrong. The Phillies inked Pettibone to a deal with a $500,000 bonus to lure him away from the Trojans.

The Phillies seem happy enough with the signing, even though it cost them more than they might have paid for other players available at that spot in the draft. In fact, the Phillies could have figured on spending about one-quarter of what Pettibone cost them, but they wouldn't have gotten as good of a player. Phillies Director of Scouting, Marti Wolever, told the Philadelphia Daily News; "We extended a little bit more than what we anticipated, but watching him in the bullpen, it was well worth it."

With most of their high priority signings done, the Phillies focused on Pettibone and may have been enticed to throw a little extra money at him when seventh round pick Johnny Coy reportedly enrolled for classes at Arizona State on Monday. The Phillies have been working to get Coy signed and even went so far as to allow him to play college basketball on a scholarship and play pro baseball around his basketball schedule. So far, that hasn't gotten a deal done.

Pettibone is a strong right-hander, whose father actually played for Charlie Manuel in the minors a little less than 30 years ago. The elder Pettibone reached the majors with Minnesota. The Phillies pulled out all the stops, including setting up a phone call between Pettibone and Cole Hamels, who talked to Pettibone about the business of baseball and reportedly helped influence him to sign the deal. The two sides met at Dodger Stadium Monday night to hammer out the details of the deal. Pettibone spent the day after his signing fishing and will report to the Gulf Coast League in the next few days.

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