Phillies Look For Help Behind The Plate

The Phillies are looking to add some offense to their lineup and perhaps catcher is one place to look. With both Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste having down seasons, the search is on for a veteran catcher to call Philly home for at least a couple of months. Plus, we've got news on a pitcher that got away!

Catching didn't figure to be an issue for the Phillies this season, but here we are with Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste hitting a combined 10-49-.244 on the season. Most of those numbers have come from Coste, who is a nice back-up, but tends to get a little overexposed if he plays too much.

David Ross wouldn't give the Phillies much of an offensive upgrade, but he would at least give them a veteran catcher who might be able to help down the stretch. (Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
On Monday, the Cincinnati Reds released catcher David Ross and the Phillies resisted the temptation to put in a waiver claim on him, but he wound up making it through waivers and the Phillies didn't waste any time in getting in touch with him about coming to Philly. Odds are that it won't take much to get a deal done, but the Boston Red Sox are also reportedly in the mix for his services, although the Phillies seem to be a little more avid about getting him than the Sox.

Ross hit just .231 in his stint with the Reds this season and is a career .225 hitter in the majors, so the thought that he would be an offensive upgrade is lost somewhere in the translation. In fact, if Ross were to sign, the Phillies would likely stash him away at Triple-A Lehigh Valley before adding him to the 40 man roster once rosters expand on September 1. That could be where they lose him if Boston were to offer an immediate major league assignment. Last season, Ross was one of the best in the league in throwing out would-be base stealers, nabbing 41%. This season though his percentage has slipped to 29%, which is right around the league average. Ross hit a combined 38 home runs for the Reds in 2006 and 2007, but has hit just three this season.

Missed him by that much...

The Dodgers were able to work out a deal to get Greg Maddux from the Padres, but long before they were after him, the Phillies offered the Padres a package that would have worked for San Diego. Unfortunately, when they went to Maddux to get his approval, he nixed the idea of coming to Philly. Actually, at that point, Maddux told the Padres that he would only accept a trade to a west coast team and that the Dodgers would be at the top of his list.

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