Did Gillick Open The Door For More?

All season, it's been thought that this would be Pat Gillick's final season as the Phillies GM. At 71, he had decided to retire following this season, but nothing seemed definite after the Phillies won the World Series.

Maybe he was just caught up in the moment or maybe he's had a change of mind, but Pat Gillick wouldn't go anywhere near making his retirement official after the Phillies 4-3 win over Tampa Bay Wednesday night.

When asked by FOX's Jeannie Zelasko if he was in fact retiring, Gillick seemed non-committal. "Let's worry about that tomorrow," screamed a horse Gillick as he hoisted the trophy above his head for all to see.

Perhaps the response was simply because he was in the midst of a celebration and didn't feel the time was right to reiterate his desire to enter into retirement. Then again, maybe he's had a change of mind about his future. Winning a World Championship can do funny things to people's way of thinking and Gillick may be thinking about his legacy if he were to take the Phillies to another title next season. It's got to be tempting.

If Gillick did leave the door open slightly, team president Dave Montgomery kicked it open a little further when he talked to Paul Hagen of the Philadelphia Daily News after the game. "I've made it clear to Pat how we feel and that the door is very much open. But he's told me time and again that he expected, expected, to retire," Montgomery told Hagen. That second 'expected' was emphasized to leave no doubt that Montgomery would immediately welcome back Gillick if he wants to return.

Earlier in the week, it appeared that Ruben Amaro, Jr. was going to be introduced as the new GM at almost any moment. Amaro also maintained his silence on Gillick's future and the impact that it will have on his own future.

It would figure that there won't be any announcement until after the parade on Friday, since Gillick appears intent to at least not interrupt any of the celebration. But once the parade is over, baseball goes back to being a business for the Phillies and with GM meetings scheduled for early next week in California, the Phillies will want to clear up their situation sooner rather than later.

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