No Shortage of Phillies Items for Holidays

With winning a World Series, comes the opportunity for a whole new line of marketing items. Look at it this way, at least it makes buying something for your favorite Phillies fan easy.

There is no doubt that World Series merchandise will be a hot item for Phillies fans this holiday season. With a World Series win, you can't be left out without some new gear to show off your pride, right.

This year, there are the usual hats, shirts, mugs and jackets for fans of all sizes, but we thought we would show you some of the more interesting items that you will want near the top of your list for giving and getting!

Won't Fido love this. And be sure to check out the matching leash, too!

First of all, it's just not right to forget the family pet at the holidays. After all, some of us even name our pets after our favorite Phillies. Why, just on our PBN staff, there are pets with names like Ashburn, Utley and yes, even a talking bird named Kalas. So, check out what the well-dressed pooch is wearing. You guessed it. A Phillies logo collar and of course, the matching leash. Not a bad deal at under $30 for the set.

Now that the dog is all set, what about that ride of yours? Maybe you don't want to put bumper stickers all over your car, but you could do a door magnet for just $11.95. That way, even if you trade in your car for something in Phillies red, you can just peel off the magnet, put it on your new car and instantly turn it into a Phillies mobile! Now, you're stylin'.

Of course, when you get in the car, you can't just sit on any old seat. You need to show your pride where you sit with a Phillies seat cover. Sorry, but they don't come in a heated variety.

You're going to be entertaining this holiday season, right? Well, if you're like many of the staff members here at PBN, you'll serve an adult beverage or two or a bunch. Well, if you're having your high-class, wine tasting friends over, impress them with Phillies bottle corks! Nothing says class like these babies. And then when you're kicking back having a brew with the guys, you'll need the official Phillies Magna-Coolie. After all, the only place you should be drinking warm beer is at the ball park, right?

Finally, for minor league fans out there, we've got a true collectible. We've got a limited edition photo print of the first official pitch thrown at Coca-Cola Park, the home of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Phillies. It features J.D. Durbin throwing to Josh Anderson of the Richmond Braves. There were 100 of these collectibles printed and then the file was forever deleted, making them a true collectible. They come numbered and signed by the photographer with a certificate of authenticity. The 8" x 10" photo is $19.00 plus tax. There is also a limited edition photo of the A10 Warthog flyover at Coca-Cola Park, just prior to the first pitch.

To see a larger image of the First Pitch photo, or to order, CLICK HERE

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