Winter Meetings Rewind

Who made more money this week, CC Sabathia or the Bellagio casino? Hard to tell. We've got a team-by-team look at the 2008 Winter Meetings and how teams fared in their attempts to improve.

Arizona Diamondbacks: After being relatively quiet, the D'backs and Red Sox were working on a deal Wednesday to send Julio Lugo to Arizona for Josh Byrnes. Instead, the D'backs went the free agent route and inked Felipe Lopez to a one-year, $3.5 million deal.

Atlanta Braves: After backing out of the Jake Peavy sweepstakes, the Braves made a Winter Meetings push for A.J. Burnett, offering a four-year deal with an easily attainable vesting option for a fifth year. Their main competition is the Yankees, who continued to pursue Burnett even after signing CC Sabathia. Atlanta figures to be able to re-sign John Smoltz, although the Mets, Red Sox and Tigers have also approached him about signing with them.

Baltimore Orioles: The Orioles fielded a couple of calls of interest on George Sherrill. Other than that, they signed Cesar Izturis to join their infield, but said he's in addition to - not instead of - signing Mark Teixeira, who the Orioles are drooling over. They also shipped catcher Ramon Hernandez and a bunch of cash to the Reds for Ryan Freel and a couple of prospects and met with the agent for pitcher Braden Looper.

Boston Red Sox: The Sox were pretty quiet during the Winter Meetings. They were working on a deal with the Diamondbacks and spent a lot of time meeting with agents regarding their free agent clients. The Sox and Scott Boras spent some time talking about Derek Lowe.

Chicago Cubs: Jake Peavy, Jake Peavy, Jake Peavy. It's been the same story for weeks and the Winter Meetings were no exception. There was also a lot of talk about dealing Jason Marquis, since they would need to do that and possibly more, to fit in Peavy's salary. They shopped Mark DeRosa to the Phillies both to cut some salary and to get the prospects they would need to bring Peavy to town. They were asked by the Padres and other clubs about Sean Marshall and finally gave a definitive "no" to including him in any deal. When they weren't wooing clubs to help them get Peavy, the Cubs talked to agents for Milton Bradley and Raul Ibanez. By the end of the meetings, the Cubs blinked and backed out of talks for Peavy - for now. They were also rekindling trade talk with the Mets on a deal to send Marquis to New York.

Chicago White Sox: Even after the Sox said that they wouldn't be trading Jermaine Dye, who were they shopping at the Winter Meetings? Yup. Jermaine Dye interests the Cincinnati Reds.

Cincinnati Reds: Besides their deal with Baltimore, the Reds had a nice chat with Jerry Hairston Jr. While the Reds toyed with the idea of trading for Jermaine Dye, nothing on that front is a definite. The problem is giving up the players to get him plus paying his salary. The Reds may decide to pursue one of two former Phillies - Pat Burrell or Bobby Abreu - as an alternative.

Cleveland Indians: The Mets and Mariners were working on a J.J. Putz trade and Cleveland found a way to get involved - actually through Mets GM Omar Minaya - and be a part of an old-fashioned blockbuster. Cleveland also moved close to signing Kerry Wood, bringing him in for a physical before making the deal official.

Colorado Rockies: The Garrett Atkins trade rumors subsided a little. They were able to sign Alan Embree for one-year and $2.5 million. The Rockies and Nationals seemed to have a trade in place to swap Willy Taveras for Tim Redding, but the deal fell apart just before it was set to be officially announced.

Detroit Tigers: Spent a lot of time looking for a closer. The Mariners J.J. Putz and Baltimore's George Sherrill were trade targets, while they pursued free agents Kerry Wood, Brian Fuentes and Joe Beimel. Early in the meetings, the Tigers added catcher Gerald Laird from Texas in a trade for two prospects. Then, they turned their attention to the starting rotation and traded outfielder Matt Joyce to Tampa Bay for starter Edwin Jackson.

Florida Marlins: Looking for help behind the plate, the Marlins turned to the Pirates for help. The two teams discussed sending Ronny Paulino from Pittsburgh to Florida in exchange for shortstop Robert Andino, but that flopped and the Pirates eventually dealt Paulino to Philadelphia. The Marlins realized that nobody was going to give them anything for catcher Matt Treanor, so they finally just released him.

Houston Astros: The agent for Bobby Abreu asked Astros GM Ed Wade if he wanted to reunite with Bobby Abreu. "No thanks," said Wade. The Astros were interested in Cesar Izturis, but lost him to Baltimore. The Astros would have had to unload Miguel Tejada to sign Izturis.

Kansas City Royals: The Royals were shopping one of their outfielders, preferably Jose Guillen, who is owed $24 million over the next two seasons. They don't want to trade Mark Teahen and would be slow to deal Billy Butler. That leaves Guillen or David DeJesus. On the free agent front, they were one of the teams talking to Rafael Furcal. The Royals got some bullpen help by signing Kyle Farnsworth to a two-year, $9.25 million deal and they signed Horacio Ramirez to a one-year deal.

Los Angeles Angels: Even though Mark Teixeira has said he wants to play close to his home in Maryland, the Angels remained optimistic that they could re-sign the big slugger. Just in case, they met with Raul Ibanez, who would be as close as they might get to having a backup plan.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers spent time looking at Rafael Furcal, but that interest faded after signing Casey Blake (three years, $17.5 million) and Mark Loretta (one year, $1.25 million). LA also made some inquiries to Randy Johnson to find out if he would be interested in coming to Chavez Ravine. The Dodgers and Manny Ramirez aren't close, but GM Ned Colletti said he could up the original offer that the Dodgers gave to Ramirez.

Milwaukee Brewers: Yes, they lost Sabathia, but they did re-sign Mike Lamb. To show that there were no hard feelings, they talked to the Yankees about sending Sabathia's friend Mike Cameron to New York, asking for Melky Cabrera in return. Get this; the suddenly rich again Yankees balked at the deal because they wanted Milwaukee to pay part of Cameron's $10 million salary for 2009.

Minnesota Twins: The Twins didn't have much luck shopping outfielder Delmon Young. Both the Rays and Phillies backed off. They talked to the Cubs about sending some young pitching their way in exchange for Mark DeRosa, putting themselves into the discussions about how they might facilitate the deal of Peavy to the Cubs. On free agency, the Twins re-signed Nick Punto and have him written in as their starting shortstop.

New York Mets: At one point, the Mets were closing in on Raul Ibanez, only to back off. Then, came news that they grabbed Francisco Rodriguez - K-Rod to his friends - for three years and $37 million. The Mets then turned their attention to looking for pitchers who could set up Rodriguez. Matt Capps and Huston Street were on their list of potential trade targets, until they worked out a three-team blockbuster deal with Cleveland and Seattle to add J.J. Putz - the Mariners closer - as their setup man.

New York Yankees: As usual, the Yankees were in the thick of things at the Winter Meetings. They scooped up CC Sabathia for a cool $161 million over seven years and were in on the discussions for Derek Lowe even though they opened their wallets wide for Sabathia. Actually, the Yankees also discussed A.J. Burnett and other pitchers to potentially add to the fold. Then, the Yankees went after Sabathia's friend Mike Cameron, negotiating a trade with the Brewers to send Melky Cabrera to the Brewers. And in case anyone ever again says that players don't worry about money; Sabathia got $161 million instead of 160, because he wanted to be paid more per year than Johan Santana.

Oakland A's: The A's were mentioned as a possible soft place to land for Randy Johnson. They also got in on the Rafael Furcal talks.

Philadelphia Phillies: The Phillies started the meetings by getting involved in the Jake Peavy discussions, either as the third-team-in or as the target for Peavy. When they took a break from that, they quickly gave manager Charlie Manuel a contract extension to keep him in Philadelphia through 2011, but then returned to talking about Peavy. They also made an offer to Derek Lowe and continued their pursuit of Raul Ibanez. A minor deal with the Pirates to send catching prospect Jason Jaramillo to Pittsburgh for catcher Ronny Paulino came through Wednesday night, refueling speculation about what the Phillies involvement in the Peavy trade might be. Thankfully for Phillies fans, they declined when asked for Jason Donald by the Twins for Delmon Young and for Carlos Carrasco in a deal with the Rockies that would have brought Garrett Atkins to Philly.

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates continued to discuss shortstops. They priced themselves out of trading Jack Wilson, but still hold out hope of dealing him elsewhere for a cheaper alternative. One option is Florida's Robert Andino. Out of the blue, the Pirates pulled off a minor deal with Philadelphia, swapping catchers by sending Ronny Paulino to the Phillies for catching prospect Jason Jaramillo.

St. Louis Cardinals: "Missed it by that much." That's how you could describe the Cardinals efforts on K-Rod. Their offer was very close to the Mets, but not quite what the New Yorkers offered. The Cardinals shopped one of their outfielders for a closer. They offered Rick Ankiel and a prospect to Seattle for J.J. Putz. Other names like Matt Capps and Jon Rauch were thrown around. If all else fails, they've contacted free agent Brian Fuentes about coming to St. Louis. They also kicked the tires on Oliver Perez.

San Diego Padres: We know what they were doing. GM Kevin Towers spent much of his time trying to swing a deal to send Jake Peavy out of town. Little else was on the mind of the Padres.

San Francisco Giants: The Giants pursued Randy Johnson as a potential free agent signing. They also talked with Florida about third baseman Jorge Cantu and with the Cardinals about Rick Ankiel.

Seattle Mariners: Shopped closer J.J. Putz, with the Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals all interested. The Mets jumped in and quickly worked out a deal, including the Mariners, Mets and Indians and 12 players changing addresses.

Tampa Bay Rays: Florida offered Jeremy Hermida to Tampa Bay, but wanted a couple of young pitching prospects in exchange. The Rays respectfully declined. The Rays extended their search for outfield help to the Minnesota Twins who were shopping ex-Ray Delmon Young, who they just acquired last winter. They also contacted the Cardinals about Rick Ankiel. On the free agent front, the Rays met with representatives for Bobby Abreu, Milton Bradley and Jason Giambi. After all of that, a deal was struck with Detroit to land Matt Joyce for pitcher Edwin Jackson, giving the Rays an outfielder that they needed to fill a hole.

Texas Rangers: The Texas boys finally gave up one of their catchers, sending Gerald Laird to Detroit for prospects Carlos Melo and Guillermo Moscoso. Texas also emerged as a bidder for Randy Johnson.

Toronto Blue Jays: Did they or did they not meet with Rafael Furcal? One thing is sure, they're looking for infield help and have asked Houston about Ty Wigginton. They also pursued Jason Bartlett from Tampa, but the Rays want a pretty good price for him. In the pitching department, the Jays gave up on A.J. Burnett and started their pursuit of Matt Clement, which wound up with a minor league deal for Clement.

WashingtonNationals: The Nationals are doing all they can to get Mark Teixeira. They opened the bidding at eight years, $160 million, with reports that they would go to the magic ten year, $200 million mark if necessary. Wouldn't some pitching be a bigger help than another first baseman?

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