Phillies Prospect #47: D'Arby Myers

In his third pro season, D'Arby Myers continued to slide in his production. Now, Myers will be looking for a turnaround season in 2009 to show that he's the same legitimate prospect that the Phillies drafted back in 2006.

Acquired:  Drafted by the Phillies in the fourth round of the 2006 Draft.
Bats: R  Throws: R
Height: 6' 3"  Weight: 175
Birth Date: December 9, 1988
2008 Team(s): Williamsport (50 G), Lakewood (64 G)
School: Westchester HS (California)
2008 Ranking: 27

Why Myers fell from 27 to 47: D'Arby Myers came out of high school and into the Gulf Coast League in 2006 and hit .315/.353/.430 and seemed to be everything he was advertised to be. He drove in one run every 9.8 at bats, which he hasn't come close to since and in fact, his numbers have dropped to one RBI for every 16.2 at bats this past season with Williamsport and Lakewood. His average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage have dropped every season since and on defense, his fielding percentage and range factors have also taken a hit. The good news is that with a strong 2009, Myers could still establish himself as a solid enough prospect, but he has to go out and make that happen.

Batting and Power: When the Phillies drafted Myers he was filled with potential, but had a very high ceiling for the Phillies to project him on. His senior year in high school, Myers developed a strong eye for the strike zone and he was disciplined enough to lay off bad pitches. That was something that the Phillies were enthused by, because just a year before, Myers had struck out three times as many times as he had walked, but turned that around in his senior season and walked three times more than he had struck out. It seemed to be a young player who had discovered the strike zone and had enough patience to take a walk if that's what the pitcher was going to give him. That patience and eye for the strike zone seems to have been lost along the way and Myers is now striking out too often and not using his plate discipline to simply get on base and make things happen.

As for his power, Myers was never figured on to put up huge power numbers, but figured to have average and slightly above home run numbers in the minors that he would be able to carry over to his major league years. Again, those numbers haven't shown up and he has just five home runs in 713 at bats.

Baserunning and Speed: While he was at Lakewood early in the season last year, Myers was doing one thing very well; stealing bases. He was successful in 10 of his 11 attempts, but then slipped to just 7 of 11 attempts at Williamsport. In his minor league career, Myers has stolen 39 bases in 191 games and has a strong 72% success rate. The problem is that he's not getting on base enough to take advantage of his speed and that's a major issue. Again, a lot of that comes back to plate discipline. If Myers were to get on base more, it would have a big impact on his overall offensive attack, but certainly would give him a lot more chances to steal bases, which is something he's been successful at doing both in high school and in his minor league career. He's got a good instinct for when to take an extra base and doesn't get himself into trouble on the bases.

D'Arby Myers had a 4.0 GPA in high school and signed with the Phillies rather than heading off to the University of South Florida to play ball. He's got a lot of talent, but it hasn't surfaced yet in pro ball.

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Defense: As mentioned earlier, Myers defensive numbers have dropped. His first pro season, Myers looked pretty weak defensively, but had turned that around somewhat before slipping again last season. He's got the speed to play center field and tends to get to a lot of balls that it doesn't look like he'll be able to get to, but will sometimes take a bad route and cause problems for himself. Myers weak arm has not improved any and it's likely that throwing will never be his strong suit.

Projection: The Phillies challenged Myers with a promotion to Lakewood to start the season and it simply didn't work. When the New York - Penn League got underway, he was headed to Williamsport and put up better numbers there than he had the year before which shows some improvement on his part. With another full season, including some time at Lakewood, under his belt, Myers will be better equipped to handle an assignment back to the BlueClaws this season and can hopefully take advantage of what he went through last season and put up better numbers. This will be a key season for Myers and he needs to show that while he wasn't ready to climb last season, he is ready to climb now. If all goes well, last season won't ultimately hurt Myers much in his quest to be thought of as a legitimate prospect, but he's certainly reached the point where he needs to start showing that his potential was more than just potential and was actually his talent that just hadn't taken over as of yet. The tools are there, but whether he can handle putting them to use is still not proven.

Career Stats

2006 GCL 2 13 .313 31 128 20 40 7 1 11 73% 7 32 .353 .430
2007 Williamsport 1 17 .240 46 179 28 43 7 0 11 65% 11 34 .286 .296
2008 Lakewood 1 10 .174 64 207 28 36 7 2 10 91% 14 52 .229 .242
2008 Williamsport 1 15 .266 50 199 29 53 13 2 7 64% 14 28 .321 .367
TOTALS 5 55 .241 191 713 105 172 34 5 39 72% 46 146 .291 .324

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