PBN Offering Internship Opportunities

If you're a college student looking to gain credit through a summer internship program, Philly Baseball News would be interested in talking with you about joining our team.

Philly Baseball News is offering a rare opportunity for college students, majoring in journalism, English, photography, computer graphics or a related field.

We are currently accepting applications for our internship program that will allow you to meet your college internship qualifications and give you the opportunity to spend the summer as part of our staff.

The openings are for individuals interested in covering minor league baseball teams in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. The teams are located in Allentown, Reading and Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Lakewood, New Jersey and Clearwater, Florida. Interested individuals should live in close proximity to one of these locations. Your duties would include covering various home games for the team and interviewing players and coaches about the game. You will also be asked to write feature and/or analytical articles on players and coaches, which would require researching and interviewing the person involved. Applicants for photo positions will be asked to get photographs of players in both posed and game conditions. Graphics applicants will be asked to design and produce various graphics to be used on our web site.

Qualified applicants should possess a knowledge of baseball and an avid interest in covering the game at the minor league level. You should also be able to file your finished product through email and have access to a digital audio recorder for interviewing and/or a digital camera for photography. Graphics applicants should have access to PhotoShop or a similar program.

Interested? Let us know about yourself and what your college will need from us to insure that you gain any credit that you need from your opportunity. Briefly tell us why you believe you would be a good addition to our internship program.

Remember, you will be representing Philly Baseball News as an accredited member of the media and will need to present yourself in a professional manner at all times.

Send any pertinent information to interns@phillybaseballnews.com. We will respond in a timely manner.

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