Phillies Prospect #16: Jason Knapp

Jason Knapp started his professional career at the young age of 17, but pitched beyond his experience in the Gulf Coast League. As he develops, Knapp has the potential to be a major prospect in the Phillies organization.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the second round of the 2008 Draft.
Bats: R   Throws: R
Height: 6' 5"   Weight: 215 pounds
Birth Date: August 31, 1990
2008 Team: Gulf Coast League
Games/Games Started: 7 G / 6 GS
School: North Hunterdon HS (New Jersey)

Repertoire: Jason Knapp has always been known first for his fastball, which was generally in the low-90s prior to being drafted. After being drafted and working in the Gulf Coast League, Knapp was touching the mid-90s with regularity and was able to keep his free and smooth style of delivery. Knapp's curveball and change-up need some work, but they have developed pretty well and are likely to both become above average pitches for the 18 year old right-hander as he continues to develop. The curve is inconsistent, primarily in Knapp having control over the pitch, but he does generally have a decent break on the pitch that keeps hitters a little off target.

STAT Jason Knapp Gulf Coast League
ERA 2.61 3.76
*DRA 0.29 1.05
H/9 IP 7.55 8.75
HR/9 IP 0.29 0.43
BB/9 IP 3.48 3.41
KO/9IP 11.03 7.87
WHIP 1.23 1.35
*WILD 15.67 15.12
*EFF 2.85 1.00
*DRA (Defensive Runs Average) - a measure of how much a pitcher was hurt by his defense. Basically, the number of runs that the defense allowed through errors. The lower this number, the less a pitcher was hurt by his defense.

*WILD (Wildness rating) - a measure of how many  "bad pitches" a pitcher made during an average game, resulting in walks, hit batters and wild pitches. The lower this number, the better for a pitcher.

*EFF (Efficiency rating) - A basic measurement of how a particular pitcher ranks among other pitchers in his particular league. The higher this number, the higher the pitcher ranked among other pitchers in his particular league.

Pitching Style: If you want to see a microcosm of how Knapp pitches, take a look at his showdown with top prospect Tim Beckham in the World Wood Bat Association championship in the fall of 2007. He put away one of the best hitters in the country with a slow, down-in-the-zone change-up, a fastball that just nipped the inside corner and then a fastball that just nipped - or just missed, depending on who you talk to - the outside corner. Beckham never even bothered to lift the lumber off his shoulder. Knapp constantly mixes his pitches and has excellent control over his change-up and fastball, moving them up, down, in and out with no easy way for a hitter to follow his pattern.

Projection: Knapp is still young and developing, but he's much further advanced than a lot of pitchers his age. With improvement on his curve and change-up, he'll begin to show the potential to be an eventual mid or possibly even top-of-the-rotation starter in the majors. His mechanics are very fluid and there isn't much effort to his pitching thanks to his poised, mature manner on the mound. With continued improvement and the simple chance to add more innings to his resume, Knapp will eventually progress pretty quickly and become someone to watch very carefully. 

Jasno Knapp's career stats

2008 GCL 3 1 2.61 7 6 31.0 26 10 9 1 12 38 1.23 .228

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