Phillies Prospect #15: Zach Collier

The Phillies love to draft high school players who are going to take a little time to develop, but have the potential to have great careers down the line. Zach Collier is a great example of that type of player.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the supplemental round (34th pick) of the 2008 Draft.
Bats: L   Throws: L
Height: 6' 2"   Weight: 185 pounds
Birth Date: September 8, 1990
2008 Team: Gulf Coast League
Positions/Games: LF (25 G), RF (10 G), CF (6 G)
School: Chino Hills HS (California)

Batting and Power: The Phillies looked for some very young players in the 2008 Draft and came away with two who appear to be advanced beyond their years in Jason Knapp and Zach Collier. That's not to say that neither of them don't require any work, because they both have a lot of work ahead of them, but they're both very advanced in their approach and have a solid foundation to build on. Collier will likely develop into at least an average power hitter, with the potential to reach above that. One of the things holding him back from showing more power - and it's not necessarily a bad thing - is the fact that a lot of what he hits goes to center field. When he develops more and learns to turn on some pitches more to take advantage of pulling the ball on a regular basis, we'll see more home runs start to fly. Collier's swing is short and sweet.

Category Zach Collier Gulf Coast League
AB/2B 14.33 20.55
AB/3B 129.00 121.22
AB/HR - 80.81
AB/RBI 6.76 8.37
AB/R 8.60 7.17
AB/BB 7.59 10.13
AB/KO 4.61 4.38
AVG .271 .253
OBP .347 .331
SLG .357 .356
Categories with numbers in white show areas where Collier outperformed the average player in the South Atlantic League during the 2008 season. Categories with numbers in black show areas where he was below the league average.


Baserunning and Speed: Collier has average speed and will need a little work on the art of running the bases. While he'll never be a true base stealer, he has the potential to swipe a base here and there and if he learns to pick his spots, he'll be an asset on the basepaths.

Defense: In high school, Collier played in right field. There are a lot of scouts that believe he has an outside shot at playing in center, but his speed doesn't quite fit the mold. Odds are that he'll be a corner guy who can fill in for a club in center, but shouldn't be there on a full-time basis. The Phillies had him primarily in left field last season because his arm is a little suspect, especially for center or right. He played pretty well at all three outfield positions last season, but seems likely to settle into left field.

Projection: Collier is going to need a lot of playing time to continue to develop and the Phillies knew that coming in when they drafted him. Some believe they were lucky that he fell to the supplemental round and thought the Dodgers would be going after him pretty hard. When all is said and done, Collier should develop into a solid contact hitter with above average power and be a capable full-time player at the major league level.

ETA: It's likely to be at least 2013 before Collier is advanced enough for major league consideration.

Comparison: Collier could wind up being a Geoff Jenkins type player, but with the potential to be more than the platoon type guy that Jenkins has been in his career. Remember, Jenkins had some pretty strong seasons in Milwaukee before tailing off over the past two seasons and that's the Geoff Jenkins that Collier's comparison goes to.

Zach Collier's career stats

2008 GCL 0 19 .271 37 129 15 135 9 1 5 100% 17 28 .347 .357

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