Phillies Prospect #12: John Mayberry Jr.

John Mayberry Jr. has gained quick recognition this spring for his power and all-out style of play. While he'll likely start the year at Triple-A Lehigh Valley, he's good insurance to have hanging out close to Philly.

Acquired: In a trade with the Texas Rangers for outfielder Greg Golson.
Bats: R   Throws: R
Height: 6' 6"   Weight: 230 pounds
Birth Date: December 21, 1983
2008 Team(s): Frisco (AA), Oklahoma (AAA)
Positions/Games: LF (93 G), RF (41 G), 1B (4 G)
School: Stanford University

Batting and Power: There's no denying that John Mayberry Jr. is a big guy, with loads of raw power in his swing. Mayberry is one of those hitters that don't just hit a ball, they propel it. Mayberry is actually still developing as a hitter, but put up strong numbers last season, hitting a combined 20-71-.264 between Double-A and Triple-A ball in the Rangers organization. This spring, he's shown just what type of hitter he has the potential to be at the major league level as the Phillies have put him through all of the paces to find out just what they received in exchange for outfielder Greg Golson last November. If the Phillies were auditioning for a full-time outfield spot, Mayberry might well have won the job, but with all three spots filled, it's likely that Mayberry will head to Triple-A Lehigh Valley and the chance to play everyday rather than serve as a big right-handed bat to bring off of the Phillies bench.

Category John Mayberry Jr. Pacific Coast League
AB/2B 14.57 17.62
AB/3B 62.43 142.79
AB/HR 27.31 31.34
AB/RBI 7.53 6.93
AB/R 8.92 6.51
AB/BB 14.57 9.74
AB/KO 5.14 4.92
AVG .263 .277
OBP .316 .348
SLG .474 .444
Categories with numbers in white show areas where Mayberry outperformed the average player in the Pacific Coast League during the 2008 season. Categories with numbers in black show areas where he was below the league average.


Baserunning and Speed: For being such a big guy, Mayberry has some surprising speed. Not that he's going to win any stolen base titles or look to challenge Jimmy Rollins or Shane Victorino in any races, but he's athletic and gets a good first step.

Defense: Mayberry has split most of his time as a corner outfielder while in the Rangers organization. He's got decent range to get to balls hit into the gaps or down the lines and has good defensive skills. His arm is average and he sometimes doesn't get himself in the best position to make throws from the outfield, so he won't pile up a lot of assists. He's capable of playing at first base, but his skills in the outfield are good enough that the Phillies shouldn't need to worry about what he could do for them at first base.

Projection: In the deal to get Mayberry, the Phillies gave up speed in exchange for power. It's also likely that Mayberry will be an all around better hitter than Golson will be at the major league level, too. He's got enough power to hit in the four or five spots in the order, but likely won't hit for an average much over .270, which is fine with the Phillies. The problem may be in finding a place for him to play in the Phillies outfield. Raul Ibanez is signed through 2011, Jayson Werth is signed through 2010 and Victorino is under team control through the 2011 season, leaving Mayberry out in the cold. You have to wonder; if the Phillies knew then what they know now, would they have written in John Mayberry Jr. for left field and not overpaid on an early deal for Ibanez? Guess we'll never know.

ETA: Mayberry does need some everyday play at the Triple-A level and is in a better spot in that role than he would be sitting on the Phillies bench all season long. He'll be only about 60 miles away if the Phillies have an injury to an outfielder - or at first base - and will be able to provide a big right-handed bat off the bench later in the season, if needed. Next year, the Phillies may be more open to having him serve in a utility role, but for now, he's likely headed to Lehigh Valley. If there were an everyday spot, Mayberry would likely be able to handle it now.

Did you know?  John Mayberry Jr. was originally drafted out of high school by the Seattle Mariners in the first round (28th overall pick) of the 2002 Draft, but instead, chose to attend Stanford University. The Texas Rangers then drafted Mayberry in the first round (19th overall pick) of the 2005 Draft. His father, John Mayberry Sr. was drafted out of high school by the Houston Astros in the first round (6th overall pick) of the 1967 Draft. Mayberry attended the same college (Stanford) as Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr., whose father also played in the majors. Ruben Amaro Jr. was an 11th round pick by the Angels in 1987, while his father played before the draft was instituted.

John Mayberry Jr.'s career stats

2005 Spokane (Low-A) 11 26 .253 71 265 51 67 16 0 26 71 .341 .438
2006 Clinton (A) 21 77 .268 126 459 77 123 26 4 59 117 .358 .479
2007 Bakersfield (High-A) 16 45 .230 63 244 47 56 15 1 28 64 .314 .496
2007 Frisco (AA) 14 38 .241 69 245 35 59 10 0 20 62 .307 .453
2008 Frisco (AA) 4 13 .268 21 82 16 22 8 0 4 21 .322 .512
2008 Oklahoma (AAA) 16 58 .263 114 437 49 115 30 7 30 85 .316 .474
TOTALS 82 257 .255 464 1732 275 442 105 12 167 420 .330 .472

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